With Love from London

Ok so basically a lot happened in the last 2 days. On Sunday I read your post and wanted to reply back as soon as possible but I had nothing to say. And then Monday happened. I went to the photo shoot and it was amazing I had so much fun, I really want to continue doing it. My photos have been sent to me but I literally can't open them it is so painful. I am going to an internet cafe today to see if I can open it through their internet. My internet I have currently is like back at school. All the sites where I could watch movies online like sockshare and putlocker are blocked which is quite upsetting.

this is what they call sea, the boats are sitting in mud

Packing the outfits for the shoot.

shocking before and afters, If you swap it around its like what happens when pretty girls discover meth

So basically at the photoshoot I wore my black shorts and yellow jumper in one shoot where they wanted me to look very GAP model, girly girl and then in the second shoot they gave me this black swan make up and half way through the lovely hair stylist came in and teased my hair up. For the second shoot i was wearing my blue dress.

It was so much fun. I was amongst the manager, a make up artist, photographer, hair stylist, proffessional model and 6 other models of varying degrees of experience. I wish I could have taken a photo of inside but I literally didn't have a chance it was so rush rush rush. I had about 10 ciggarettes during the 2 hours because it was very come here,  do this, sit down and take 5, go smoke, come pose.
But basically the model who was there was teaching us different poses and how to use your face etc. I loved it. Out of the 6 models that were there it was only me and a blonde girl who were white. The rest were black and british, the two things I have always wanted to be but never will be able to.

Making lists while I wait to take photos

Another list of my healthy eating plan

Ok so the shoot ended, I had my make up redone because I had to go straight into work. By the way this place was in Essex so it took me nearly 3 hours each way on public transport. And I didn't even remember to pack my book. I'm reading 50 shades of grey at the moment. To be honest I am not the biggest fan of it, everyone is raving about it but the writing style is horrid, some of the sentences are not even edited and the protagonist girl just sounds like that blank faced girl from twilight, obsessing over this one guy, every breath he takes and move he makes, it's weird. I don't really want to finish reading it to be honest.

How are you going with the Hunger games trilogy?? Are you finished yet? Are you not hating the fact that its finished?

Ok so basically when I finally got back I had to go straight to work, I had been told the previous day that my manager J-cunt wanted to talk to me before my shift so I went into his office. Basically my 31 day contract with this place expired and he wasn't going to renew it. It took me a minute to process the fact that he just told me I was fired. His words "we don't need to go in depth as to why". So basically he told me I have a week of grace to find a new job and find a place to live. I asked him to give me at least some sort of reason, he replied with "You're just not right for this particular job, I think you will suit somewhere more fast paced in central London." I asked if I did anything wrong in particular and if I could possibly have a chance to fix whatever I was doing wrong if not for this workplace then for another.
He gave me nothing. Literally his only reasoning was that I am not "right" for the job.

And if that wasn't bad enough they made me work to close that night AFTER telling me that I don't have a job or a home anymore. I was practically in tears half of my shift. I made the most mistakes I have ever made before. But you know what I didn't give a shit, what did they expect, firing me before work.

So I finished that shift and asked Dom to buy me a bottle of wine so I could drink with her after. Went to the Annex and started drinking and one thing led to another and we ended up going out clubbing in Kingston with Lewis one of the chefs and his mates. The worst part was that literally standing outside the club I realised I didn't have my passport with me. I didn't think we would be going out so I didn't even think about it. YES will like this part. I did the same thing back in Australia when I went to the pub with them once, mum had just dropped us off and I realised I didn't have it so mum went home to get it and brought it back for me. She is an angel. We sat in a gazebo and listened and sang to the Kooks and muscles until she came back.

So back to that night. I tried sweet talking the bouncers at this place called Oceania but it was a very strict club so they didn't let me in. I am alright about that though because it is known to be a chavy club. So me and Dom wandered around looking for something to do. It was positively freezing and we didn't really know where we were going. The boys had gone into Oceania. We saw people migrating in a certain directions so we followed the herd and they brought us to a club called Ama-gi. It sounds like a sushi place right? Well after about 10minutes of sweet talking the bouncers and meeting the manager and pretty much all of the security they deemed us as sweet girls who would not cause any trouble so they let us in. At this point I was swaying quite a bit because I hadn't eaten since before the shoot so I was surprised I got in even if I had an id.

This club was great. I was drinking away my sorrows of prospective homelessness and enjoying my night. It was slim pickings in the boy department which was a let down but the music was fun, I nearly cried of happiness when they played Blink 182.

There was a seccie standing next to me on the podium at one point so I grabbed his hand and we proceeded to swing dance together on the podium. He was my big black babyboy. Pictured below.

Bad picture but better then nothing. 
This is a very long detailed post but a lot happened in the last couple of days. 
Ok so basically we met the boys again after clubbing and went back to Lewis'. The cab ride was so much fun. I sat in the front and the cabbie let me smoke and play with the radio so basically I was having the time of my life singing along with whatever was on the british radio. I fell asleep on the couch watching a show called rudetube which is basically like the best videos on youtube made into a television series. Apparently I was curled up into a really tight ball on the lounge and when they were giving me a pillow I replied with "Just put it on top of me"

I have no recollection of this but it made me laugh. 
Dom had gone home so next morning I caught a £15 cab back to the bear and basically as soon as I got in a girl I met on tumblr who knows a lot of people I know was asking me if I wanted to meet her for coffee. This coffee was long overdue, so I jumped at the chance. 
She is so great. This is her tumblr...georgiakatee
She is my age from Sydney moved to London, she likes the same things I like and she is awesome. 
This is her flickr..../photos/georgiakatee
She is an amazing photographer. And the best part of meeting her was that she is going to come to Paris with me to see Bon Iver!! Which is so amazing because it means not only will I not be going alone to paris but I will also have someone to take photos with me. 

Ok so we met at Oxford Circus. It seemed sunny so I forgot to take my jacket, big mistake. Got out of the tube and it was absolutely pouring which sucked ass. So we met and she took me to a lovely little cafe calle milkbar which I had the most amazing soy chai latte I have ever had in my whole entire life. I asked if they had any jobs available and he said yes and to bring in my resume. So me and G started our mission to find an internet cafe. Basically we failed. But we bumped into her friend Arooj, this is his tumblr aroojxsuleman.com/

By this time I was freezing so I went into H&M to find a cheap jumper. I found some little black thing. And at the register I decided to ask the cashier who was a cute black guy if there were any jobs available. Basically there are jobs there but he told me that you kind of have to know people to work here, so he told me to give him my email and he would email me for my cv and if I sent it to him he would print it and hand it to the manager personally and tell the manager it was a good friend of his looking for work. I was so happy. The best part was what he said at the end "Karma will come back to me for helping you out. We all need help once in a while." He was so nice!

Me and G in the rain in front of a phone box, could we be anymore british ?

Ok so then we went and got a burrito at a place called Chipotle which is pretty much like Mad Mex in Australia. Do you have Mad Mex in Perth? Its like make your own burrito, like subway for burritos. 
I really like this place, it tasted different to Mad Mex but in a good way and the staff were so ridiculously friendly, I learnt everything about all the different meats etc just by talking to them for 5minutes.

After burritos we all parted our seperate ways and travelled home. When I got back I spent over 2 hours looking for apartments on gumtree. Had a nervous breakdown and had to go outside for a smoke. Went to Dom and Oli's room, neither were in so I sat in Dom's room crying my eyes out not knowing what to do. She came in and we went and sat outside with my laptop and I continued hunting. I found a place which I will be checking out on Saturday and hopefully will be able to move into Sunday. Here is the description.

A spacious single room in a nice terraced house with a garden in Walthamstow is available for a girl. The house is well kept and looked after and shared by 6 adults in total. The house is close to Blackhorse Road station (Victoria line) and St James station (Overground). It is within walking distance to a huge variety of shops and the market street. Viewing is highly recommended. 
Rent Is £70 per week inclusive all bills and is paid every two weeks in advance. Rent deposit of £140.00 is required. If interested please email Lana.

I emailed her and she emailed back about a viewing on Saturday. So I will definitely be going to that. Also G is asking her landlord what is happening with the spare room in her house because a couple just moved out so that would be really good. I really have no time though which is my only worry.

So I tried emailing the guy from H&M but I couldn't read his writing so I was really worried. But today he just emailed then 

Hey. It's the guy from H&M! Send me your cv ASAP do I can print it out and give it to manager. I told her bout you already. There are spaces.

So I am pretty ecsatic at the moment. Really hoping this works out. Well I am off now. I have spent pretty much an hour collaborating this post together. Whilst a quite cute british boy sleeps next to me.
Time to go get some breakfast at 12:30.

With Love from London. 

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