The Easter Show Part 1

After years of being super jealous of everyone who was able to go to the Easter Show, I finally got my favourite humans together and we made a day of it. The only day we were all able to go was on the last day of the Easter Show which we were all super fine with. Plus it was a Wednesday which hopefully meant not as many kids would be around.

We started our day off with a healthy breakfast snack of corndogs and cheese sticks.

Ironically I saw this child whilst standing right next to the area where they held sheep shearing demos.

We spent a good portion of our morning following the animal path through all the different farmyard regulars, starting with sheep.

We spent longer then we should have in the poultry area. But to be completely honest, it was by far the most entertaining. Especially the pigeons.

Cranky hat pigeons.

Little fluffball feet dragon head pigeons. 

Super jacked up pigeons looking to fight anyone and everyone.

Extremely proud rat birds

Chickens with crazy pretty feathers

Dr Seuss chickens

Chickens that apparently are meant to look like this

Model geese that didn't look like they wanted to attack you at all. But then again, looks can be deceiving.

More pretty feather chickens.

The chickens my dad used to have heaps of and look a little bit like Pomeranians with beaks.

Watching the miracle of life.

All Lani wanted was to cuddle a piglet. We weren't there at the right times. But she did get to stroke one of these bubbas.

I am pretty sure we spent at least an hour in this place being head-butted and abused by constantly hungry goats and sheep.

Trying to feed the cute babies over the mean and aggressive older sheep.

This little sheep and it's goat friend were my absolute favourite. Above was me the whole time I was in this area.

I can't say I have ever seen a deer wearing a dog collar. But somehow she still managed to look so elegant and graceful just sitting in her little area.

This little pregnant sausage had her own little area to sleep in. She was basically camouflaged.

Baby ducklings, forever melting the coldness in my heart.

Rick getting a photo with a young Black Philip (if you haven't seen the Witch and you love horror movies go and check it out asap). 

I am not in any way a vegetarian, but I do think that cows are such beautiful creatures. Horses and cows have the most soulful eyes.

These have always been my favourite cows.

Owning a horse one day is a not so secret dream of mine. Playing with this beautiful pony was without a doubt the highlight of my day.

My 9 year old girl obsession with horses is still alive and well.

The dog area was without a doubt the biggest let down of the animal areas. Other then the cat pavilion because that wasn't even open. There were no puppies and barely any breeds were here. And the only show that we watched partially was an agility show.

Cloud dog

Life goal: Pat every dog

To be continued...


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