South Coast NSW Roadtrip III. Mogo

On the second morning staying at Mahria's house in Ulla Dulla, Sassie and I were greeted with beautiful blue skies. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to take some shots of the property in all it's glory.

Can't wait to come and visit in Summer!

How beautiful is this sun room. It honestly looks like it was taken straight out of a movie.

Baby Indi coming to greet me.

I am completely and utterly obsessed with these beautiful dogs. They are Neapolitan Mastiffs and they are so incredibly well trained.

We were introducing Sassie to the dogs slowly. She was pretty nervous around them at first but after a while she adapted. The only issue was that Indi is still a puppy and doesn't realise how big she actually is. Plus she likes to paw at things a lot with her giant legs, and one of the things she liked pawing at was Sassie, which she didn't like one bit. But as long as Indi wasn't going full puppy mode, Sass was chill with her.

Mahria was back at work again, which meant Sassie and I were going out for another day trip. On this day we were driving down to Mogo and our aim was to stop over at Hyam's Beach on the way back.

Mogo is quite a small charming little town. One thing I learnt is that they have amazing furniture stores. This was one of my favourite places. Think Bali mixed with a bit of Morocco vibes finished off with some coastal knick knacks.

When I was in Bali I became so obsessed with the ornate doors they had there. And now I've found a place where I can come and buy my very own Bali door.

I love getting lost in these kinds of places. You will always have something interesting to look at and yet you will still never see everything.

I like that this sushi led light was just mixed in amongst everything else.

I thought this was so amazing. Lucky I have a very small amount of disposable income otherwise I probably would have actually purchased it.

The next stop was little strange little house/ shop that I believe is called 'Past & Present'. 

Another love of mine is bookstores. I could have spent hours in this store. My goal in life is to read as many books as possible.

Not sure if these are aimed towards children or adults but I want all of them.

This place had so many random things, including a gemstone corner. Which oddly enough is another thing I really like, pretty gems and crystals.

Shoutout to everyone who was a major fan of the Saddle Club when they were younger/ still are major fans. Honestly if I could have grown up any different way I would want any of those three characters lives. All I have ever wanted was to have a horse, be in a pony club with my best friends and spend all my free time at the stables.

When your dog jumps on a chair just to get closer to your height to whinge at you. I played hide and seek with her in the store at one point and she ended up going to the cafe next door trying to find me.

The cafe next door. I wanted to eat at a place down the road but it was completely full. I had a sweet chilli chicken toastie. It was pretty average but I wasn't really expecting anything that great from this place. 

Spot the comic book store. Out of all the places in NSW to open a comic book/ merchandise store, this would have to be the oddest choice. But hey, maybe there is a huge comic book niche market in Mogo that we just don't know about.

Another Bali/ Morocco/ Beach Knick Knacks store. I personally liked the other one better but this place was not without it's charm.

Not to sure what was going on here.

This feels like the motto of my trip down the South Coast.

I don't own a house or have a place where I could really put this, but I need it.

"What cha thinkin bout?"

The table I like, the mushroom sculpture sitting on top, not so much.

I also need these ornately decorated seashells. 

These weird melted glass tree bowl things were everywhere in Bali. Not too sure how I feel about them to be honest.

I get that fighter fish don't mind small spaces, but at least clean water every once in a while. Poor fish.

This gives me flashbacks to the knick knacks at my Grandma's holiday house at the Entrance. 

I decided to skip this place because I was already running low on time and I wanted to get to a couple more places before the day was over.

I bought two of these, one pink and one white. I love crystals.

This was our last stop in Mogo. I indulged and bought a couple of bars of fudge and then we were on to our next location.

After Mogo I pulled over in this really nice little cove and just took a moment with Sass to enjoy the scenery. I couldn't tell you where it is if I tried because I wasn't mapping where I was going at this point, I was just following my gut in the pursuit of stopping at the nearest waterside location.

To gather my bearings I made my way to Bateman's Bay, which was a lot different from what I thought it would be. It's lovely, but very small and there wasn't really much to do there. But me and Sass had a little walk along the water and it was lovely nonetheless.

I know this is very dangerous and stupid but I just needed this photo for myself. I just quickly took it then didn't touch my phone until I pulled over later. Driving these roads at sunset was such a beautiful and calming experience. The way the light hit the trees and the feel of driving on smooth roads around corners was just so satisfying. At this point I believe I was listening to a podcast called Lore, which I am so completely obsessed with now. And I found out recently they may be making it into a tv series which would be so epic! If you like true horror and listening to podcasts, get on it. You won't be sorry. Aaron is such a great narrator and it is just so engaging.

I decided to take another little stopover and head towards Pretty Beach. I mean I couldn't just keep going and not stop at a place called Pretty Beach! To get to Pretty Beach you drive through a little place called Kioloa which I am pretty sure is completely run by kangaroos. I did not see a single person around this area except at the tourist caravan parks. But there were kangaroos everywhere!

Is that a baby kangaroo in your pouch, or are you just happy to see me?

This is Pretty Beach, and it well and truly earned that title.

The last stop for our day trip was a charming little beach called Merry Beach. It is right near Pretty Beach. I didn't want to drive back in the dark because of all the kangaroos, but we still stayed here as long as we could just enjoying eachother's company and playing in the sand.

Back at Ulla Dulla just in time to watch the sunset while we waited for our fish and chips.

Getting Jessica Jones (car's name) nice and dirty on her first roadtrip. Spent the night chilling with Mahria and had another pretty early night so we could make sure we could get up nice and early on my birthday to watch the sunrise.


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