Coors x Pedestrian TV x Lily

Headband / Vintage
Jacket / Vintage (Japan)
Wrist / fitbit
Jeans / Forever 21
Shoes / Rubi Shoes
Backpack / Vintage

This was an event hosted by Pedestrian.TV and Coors and to this day it is one of the most fun events I have been to. It had such awesome Americana vibes. I basically felt like I was at a frat house kegger and it was epic. Thanks for having us Coors, it was a killer night.

When everyone goes to El Topo for the after party and you get distracted by chocolate.

Lily had a really beautiful pink themed 21st Party. And even though it was a dress up party I would definitely wear this cute little outfit again. Note to self, I desperately need to purchase some new heels.

Earrings / WEGO (Japan)
Bodysuit / Missguided
Necklace / Sportsgirl
Skirt / MONKI
Shoes / Lipstik Shoes
Watch / Casio

Look how amazing this pink themed food spread is!!

This was such a beautiful party and I won't lie I did tear up a little during the speeches and I barely know you Lily. But you are such an old soul and a wonderful person and I am so happy that you have come into my life. Thankyou for including me in such a meaningful night.


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