South Coast NSW Roadtrip I. Kiama

On my uni break I took Sassie for a roadtrip down south to visit my friend Mahriah and see her new salon. Sassie had never been on a long roadtrip with me, but she loves adventures just as much as I do, so I knew she would be the perfect travel companion.

All ready to leave!

My goal for this trip was to stop over at as many beaches as possible. And my biggest regret was not writing down their names. But to be honest, this was a really random stopover. I just saw a sign that said lookout and decided to turn in and check it out.

My next stop was Berry. I have been through here a few times and it's always a great place to stock up on driving snacks.

I mean this isn't exactly my cup of tea but hey, each to their own.

After Berry, Sass and I stopped off at Kiama for a bit of a seaside stroll.

My little adventurer

My first time seeing the blowhole. Didn't exactly blow my mind but it's still cool.

The perfect place to sit and eat your lunch.

After a couple more hours of driving we finally made it to Mahria's house in Ulla Dulla. Above is the stunning caravan her parents painted.

This is one of Mahria's baby's, Astra.

And this beautiful baby is Indi. They are both Neapolitan Mastiffs but we think Indi may be cross with a Great Dane.

She also has these two beautiful horses. And don't worry it isn't malnourished or anything like that. This boy is just getting really old.

Horses will forever be my second favourite animals after dogs. They have the most incredibly soulful eyes.

This is the fat horse.

The path you drive down towards the house.

Her house blows me away. It reminds me of mansions you would read about in books.

This is their property from above.

You can walk, or ride a quad bike to the beach.

Fresh eggs and they also have bee hives for fresh honey.

This is in the upstairs shower in the bathroom that Mahria shared with her two sisters. These mermaids that her parents painted for them were modelled after the three sisters. How incredible is that! This doesn't even come close to showing you the full extent of how jaw dropping this home really is. But all in due time. I spent that night drinking red wine and catching up with Mahria and finding out about all the interesting places Sassie and I could go and explore.


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