South Coast NSW Roadtrip II. Milton

The next morning Mahria took me to the beach to watch the sunrise. Sadly it was a bit cloudy but it was still worth it.

Also found out that Sassie actually loves the beach. Not swimming, but she loves playing in the sand.

Mahria was working hard opening her salon, so Sassie and I were adventuring on our own this day.

We started our morning with breakfast at the original Pilgrims in Milton, where I fell head over heels in love with the Bliss Burger. If you haven't tried it I 10/10 recommend. 

We spent our day wandering around Milton and checking out all the cute little stores. The first place we went was called 'Nikki B's' and it is well worth a visit. Think vintage store and museum combined. It and organised mess of knick knacks, statues, posters, antiques, and everything else in between.

They also let Sassie explore which was nice of them.

I won't lie, this place was more trash then treasure and smelt like it too.

I liked this store, it was all keys and leather wares in the front, incense and hippie party in the back.

Up the stairs to Budawang Bazaar you will find this attic of treasures.

Sometimes organised mess looks good when it is styled right, but places where it is just straight up mess make me anxious and all I want to do is straighten everything up and make it look more visually appealing. 

This store is called 'Home at Last' and it has some really lovely homewares. I really love that little coffee table in the window.

After our morning of window shopping in Milton, I took Sass to Mollymook where we hung out for a bit and I had a little read of my book.

Next stop was Dee's Funk'n'Junk. This is a must for anyone who is a fan of vintage/ trash and treasure type stores.

I figured out that I could tie Sass to my backpack, which gave me so much more flexibility to take photos and what not, genius!

Creepy doll #1

Creepy doll #2

This was my favourite store in Ulla Dulla. Looking at the comic sans sign out the front you wouldn't think much of it. But it stocked Windsor Smith, Somedays Lovin, Abrand Jeans, and Milly & Wolf Vintage. Side note, their social media pages could really use a bit of a fix up as well. But the store is great and if you are in Ulla Dulla definitely check it out. The Vintage section was tops.

That night we got take away with Mahria and her family and had a relatively early night after a couple of wines to prepare us for our Mogo adventure the next day.


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