I. Back in Melbourne

The day after Christmas mum and I flew to Melbourne for a little girls trip. After living in London and absolutely falling in love with the city I have found that Melbourne is the closest thing we have. The transport, the layout of the city, it's clean, friendly, fashionable and it truly feels like home. 

I chose to try an Airbnb accomodation because I thought it would be easier but in the end I had two people cancel on me and had to change the whole trip plan. It was still a good place to stay I guess. We were staying in this apartment resort in Southbank. The location was amazing. But we were staying with the people who owned the place which could have been ok but there were a few annoying things that came up during our stay but I will speak to you about them later.

When mum and I arrived at the accommodation the first issue that came up was that the room was not ready for us which was quite annoying as we were both really tired and just wanted to lie down. We decided to go for a walk to Federation Square and basically tripped over the Polish festival on the way. We had no idea this was on and it was such a pleasant surprise. My mum is Polish and I have been a few times to Poland to see my Grandparents.

Their main food dishes tend to revolve around potatoes and meat. This was a dish I haven't tried before it's called Pyza and it's pretty much a Polish version of a dumpling. The apple drink was so refreshing definitely going to give those ingredients a try in the nutri-bullet. I love that my first meal in Melbourne happened to be Polish food.

A real life pirate?

The outfits are so stunning and there were performances going on during the day which were quite fun to watch. We saw one girl group dancing and one male group singing and dancing. This group of kids were about to go on and I could not deal with how much it looked like the Von Trapp family.

The street gangs of Melbourne.

Lego x Christmas in Federation Square

After we ate we went back to our accommodation and got out of our airplane clothes. We headed into the city and just walked around for a while. I was following my steps on the iHealth app on my phone and I was averaging 10,000 steps a day. Can't say the same for myself now that I'm home.

Stumbled upon Hosier Lane.

Dress / Cotton On
Shoes / Daisy Street 
Necklace / H&M
Bag / Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn

We lined up at the Tea Salon for a spontaneous afternoon high tea session but they were out of sandwiches. Which worked out well for us as it meant people in the line left. I had the salted caramel scone and a French Earl Gray tea. Mum had a date scone and raspberry and vanilla rooibos tea which she loved so much she nearly bought it but they were out of stock. I will need to remember to get it for her next time I'm there.

Everytime we walked past this place there were always lines out the front, but honestly it is worth the wait. 

Fell in love with these Witchery sunglasses but I had literally just bought a pair of Le Specs that I had been eyeing off for ages. Soon Witchery..

These were in the New York Museum library store, so adorable! When I have kids in my lifetime well in the future they are going to have the most epic collection of books ever.

Convinced mum to do a thing.

For dinner I was using Tripadvisor to help me find some ramen and it took me to this place. We went inside and sat down but it just didn't feel right so we bailed and went to the place next door. It is called Fukuryu and so far it is the best ramen I have had in Melbourne. 

Spicy soft shell crab buns

Miso and Tonkotsu ramen with all the trimmings. I am so obsessed with ramen and Fukuryu ramen is top quality. 10/10 recommend. 

Pretty windows and fluffy hair.

Banksy is dat you?

After dinner I took mum to Cookie for a cocktail or two. I had my first absinthe cocktail which was actually delicious. Mum had a martini which was terrible (that's only because I think martinis are terrible). I didn't have the Jade Monkey instead I asked which one the bartender recommended and I ended up with a delicious beverage called the corpse reviver.  

This was a seemingly quite long day. I wrote a Bucket List in the weeks leading up to Melbourne. Lets see how many I actually tick off this list.

Bucket list
Eat Sezar
Eat Bowery to Williamsburg
Eat Easey's
Eat Miss Katie's Crab Shack
Eat Tramcar Colonial Restaurant 
Eat Newmarket Hotel
Eat Cafe Stasio
Eat After the Tears
Eat Mammoth
Eat France-Soir
Eat Biggie Smalls
Eat Naked for Satan
Eat Le Bon Ton
Eat Movidas 
Eat Seratonin Eatery
Eat Lentil as Anything

Drink Bartronica
Drink Croft Institute 
Drink Crown Casino
Drink Cookie
Drink Crompton Coffee


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