IV. Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

I know I have been really bad with updating my blog but life has kind of gotten in the way recently, but in the best way possible. I have met this amazing group of friends that I can be myself with and who all love the same things I do. We all click so well and whenever we are together it is just non stop banter. My goal for the next week is to get all my Melbourne blog posts finished and get to work on my first business. Things are looking up and I can't wait to share it all with you. 

At this point Melbourne was really kicking up the heat. It was around 38 degrees and we were sweating bullets. This morning we were catching the tram to Brunswick.

Apparently this girl is a pretty common sight in Melbourne. Have to admit that cat is pretty well trained.

This shop was called Gizmo Gifts and if this place was in Sydney you better believe my room would be full of this stuff. I have a major weakness for kitschy interior furniture and decorations, my true achilles heel. Would happily buy everything in this store. Now come on a walk with me down Brunswick Street in Fitzroy.

This store was an epic vintage man cave. Less store and more just looking at stuff in someone's house, including their amazing collection of old school Hawaiian shirts.

This was probably the strangest store we walked into. It was pretty much a happy high herb store with stoners as decorations. They were melting on some lounges near the door. It really did feel like you had just walked into a stoner museum.

Don't you hate when you see photos later and you see an item of clothing or product you didn't notice when you were actually in the store. Really wish I saw that white t-shirt in the middle with the triangle patterns on it! Sheila Vintage is definitely worth checking out.

For lunch we stopped off at the highly recommended Vegie Bar. Christmas decorations still in full force.

Mini spring rolls - vegie spring rolls with sweet chilli dipping sauce
Crispy green salad - snow peas, beans, hazelnut, pomegranate, with mandarin, tahini and orange dressing
I asked the waiter what I should get and he recommended me this dish which I can't for the life of me find the name of. It was an indian themed dish with lentil dhal and all these other really nice pieces of this delicious puzzle. The menu changes quite often so it may not even be there when you go, but I highly recomend taking a leap and getting whatever the waiter recommends, you may be pleasantly surprised. Plus it takes forever to choose because everything just looks so amazing!

This store Polyester was extremely weird. Think anti govenerment and cartoon pornos combined. It doesn't make sense but it was highly entertaining. I especially enjoyed the politician themed tea towels.

I wish Sydney embraced street art more.

Seriously regret not buying this!! I hoped they would sell it online but they don't.

Vintage Sole. Amazing collection of cowboy boots. Regret not getting a pair, but still not sure where I would wear them.

Walking down Japan memory lane.

If someone can fill me in on what this place is that would be amazing!

American Vintage. This shop is amazing but very expensive. The variety of cowboy boots in this store was actually insane. Will be coming back to visit as soon as I am back in Melbourne with more money in my pocket.

I died of cuteness overload when I saw these precious baby boots.

After our day at Fitzroy mum and I decided to check out Chin Chin for dinner. The wait is always intense so don't go there starving, and get there early! We gave them our number then sat next door and the Meatball and Wine Bar for some wine. Not the best wine I have ever had but would check out this place again, I liked the vibes.

Chin Chin was hands down my favourite meal for the whole Melbourne trip. If you can only go to one place to eat in Melbourne, this is it.

DIY Spring rolls - the absolute favourite in my books
Crispy Baramundi and green apple salad with caramelised pork, peanuts, chilli and lemongrass - the meat literally melted in your mouth
Massaman curry or coconut braised beef kipfler potatoes, peanuts and crispy shallots - another 10/10

This whole meal was just out of this world! Worth the 2.5 hour wait, which actually only ended up being 1.5 hours.

Downstairs is this shabby gogo bar that I absolutely loved. So keen to get back to Melbourne and have this be my regular watering hole.

After dinner we walked down Hosier Lane and I ended up stumbling upon a group of people injecting whatever into their arms. You can't only see the rosy side of a city I guess. 

1984 references on point.

I promise to smash out these Melbourne blog posts in the next week. I have so many exciting projects I want to start! Oh and side note, I passed my first trimester of University!! 

Bucket list
Eat Sezar
Eat Bowery to Williamsburg
Eat Easey's
Eat Miss Katie's Crab Shack
Eat Tramcar Colonial Restaurant 
Eat Newmarket Hotel
Eat Cafe Stasio
Eat After the Tears
Eat Mammoth
Eat France-Soir
Eat Biggie Smalls
Eat Naked for Satan
Eat Le Bon Ton
Eat Movidas 
Eat Seratonin Eatery
Eat Lentil as Anything

Drink Bartronica
Drink Croft Institute 
Drink Crown Casino
Drink Cookie
Drink Crompton Coffee


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