III. Bazaar Markets

Would happily stay in Melbourne, I love this city.

Spent the morning with mum at Prahran Markets. I was expecting Glebe/ Bondi Markets because I had not done my research. I was pleasantly surprised by the fresh food and florals.

Or, OR I will continue to eat them until you tell me to stop. Not really, but I definitely did not take just one.


This is literally what I want my future kitchen to look like. White marble and brass, delicious aesthetics.

This was a store that was in the markets but not really a part of it. You could literally find any obscure ingredient you could ever dream of in this store, it would be in fancy packaging and overpriced as well.

After Prahran we spent the day wandering up and down Chapel Street. We weren't really looking for anything in particular, just seeing what we would find along the way.

Stepped inside this wonderful American Apparel store and nearly purchased the silver hologram backpack because it was on sale but I decided against it last minute. It is a wonderful backpack though. Was saddened to hear that the reason all the nail polish is on sale is because they are discontinuing the nailpolish line! Do they realise how good their nail polishes are?!?! I am still heartbroken about knocking my 'sandstorm' off the bench and having to wipe it up with my tears as it was the perfect colour, and now I can't find it anywhere!!

Handworks Nouveau Paperie, because who isn't secretly obsessed with pretty stationary. Obsessed with those white and gold mugs. I should really get a job at Typo. This store honestly has anything your little crafty soul could desire.

Giggles forever.

My mum is really into crystals. Ever since I was studying for the HSC she has been giving me these crystals because she believes they have energy and I don't know they are meant to be good for you. I don't really believe in that stuff. I mean I am sure they have natural energies, but I don't feel like one certain type will help me with my career while another type will help my love life. That just seems a bit fanatical. But in saying that I do enjoy horoscopes and tarot readings so who knows. I just think they're neat.

If you have been following my blog for a while you might remember at one point I lived in London and during my time there I went on a little weekend away with Georgia to Brighton. In Brighton we found this store called Snooper's Paradise, you can see photos of it here. This place was the closest I have come to finding something as amazing as that place. Chapel Street Bazaar, the place I could spend hours in and never get bored. This place is part museum, part thrift store, part garage sale and as a whole it is just incredible. I may have taken a lot of photos and I apologise but I honestly could not help myself. I guarantee there is so much more to see, what I have photographed is about 10% of this amazing wonderland of bric a brac and weirdness. 

Kind of wishing I bought that Elvis photo..

I feel like all these photos could be in an 'I spy' book, and now I really want to go and play with an I spy book. Damn those were hard sometimes. I don't even want to look too intently at any of these photos because I have already seen five things I didn't properly see when I took the photo and now I regret that I couldn't buy it. Let's just say that it's probably a positive thing. I want everything but at the same time I want to be minimalist and chic, there is not in between.

These building are so gothic and mysterious. Mum and I were trying to figure out who waters the plants on that level. Does anyone live on those upper levels, and if not does anything happen up there. It truly is a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, surrounded by an enigma.

On the way back we popped back into the markets and bought some fancy dips and crackers, some turkish delight which only recently we remembered we had, some coconut water, yohgurt and berries. Spent the afternoon by the pool, the weather was pretty lush at this point, such a perfect afternoon. 

I also somehow managed to find these balls of mochi happiness. I am so so so so obsessed with Japanese sweets and ice-cream since I went there last year. These mochi ice cream balls were always my number one fave and I could never find mochi ice cream anywhere, let alone this exact brand and flavour!! Safe to say I bought three packets, and they were gone by the next afternoon.

That night we decided to go to the Crown for dinner, drinks and a movie, a real first class mother daughter date.

The Christmas decorations were still in full swing. This was a lot more epic then the decorations I saw in Sydney before I left.

Our dinner that night was at a vietnamese restaurant called Tia To. I am very glad we picked this place. It was quiet and the food was delicious. We don't each much so we shared scallops and beef pho.

For dessert I had a caramel espresso martini, I regret adding the caramel but otherwise it was really nice. I never have sugar or anything sweet in my coffee. It is always black and strong, like my soul. Mum was first served the wrong cocktail. The second one with the flowers is the one she actually wanted. I cannot for the life of me remember what either of them were called, far too much confusion. After cocktails we watched the movie JOY, it was a good movie but I probably only ever need to watch it once.

Bucket list
Eat Sezar
Eat Bowery to Williamsburg
Eat Easey's
Eat Miss Katie's Crab Shack
Eat Tramcar Colonial Restaurant 
Eat Newmarket Hotel
Eat Cafe Stasio
Eat After the Tears
Eat Mammoth
Eat France-Soir
Eat Biggie Smalls
Eat Naked for Satan
Eat Le Bon Ton
Eat Movidas 
Eat Seratonin Eatery
Eat Lentil as Anything

Drink Bartronica
Drink Croft Institute 
Drink Crown Casino
Drink Cookie
Drink Crompton Coffee


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