II. Vintage stores and cliche tourist

The not so Persian cat in our Airbnb just doing it's thing. Can't say I am a cat person. As I type this my dog is resting in the crook of my arm. I will never understand the draw of cats. They seem so rude and bitchy, I prefer to be showered in love and affection then be snobbed off by my pets. And I have to say staying in this Airbnb really solidified my feelings about cats. The owners had the cat litter in the shared bathroom and it was so disgusting. Cats literally make you pick up their poop every time they do it?! And if you don't the whole house stinks in less then 5minutes. 

Enough about cats. We got to Melbourne during the Christmas hangover. The city was still decorated but it just felt wrong. Still nice to look up. And these knitted tree decorations are the most Melbourne decorations I have ever seen.

I believe this is some sort of a chain that for some reason does not exist in Sydney. Beats Boost Juice any day. The Mystery Brazilian drink is pretty dope. More later.

I randomly saw some little sign in a EB Games and decided to check out what is was. I went downstairs and found this little nerds paradise. It was like a mini Supanova. I am not that geeky. I don't play xbox or playstation and I haven't seen any of the Star Wars movies. But I do have particular obsessions which include The Simpson's, Jurassic Park, Gremlins and anything in between. And I love these stores because sometimes they have the odd memorabilia or toy that applied to my interests.

This was upstairs in the Playstation area. I apologise but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this store. But I think half the fun is finding it anyway. It's near Federation Square, goodluck!

Brunetti's do the most amazing sandwiches, apparently the cakes are also divine. Plus you get to play with baby birds while you finish your coffee.

In my natural element.

Finding new life mottos while waiting for mum to find a new book.

Went to visit Paige's workplace Limedrop. These are funglasses and they are amazing! I was a little obsessed with the aesthetics of this store it is so beautiful you should all go check it out and buy some lovely things.

There are a few other pretty great shops in the same mini complex as Limedrop that are worth checking out. Including Collected Works, Vintage Sole and Retrostar.

These photos are inside Retrostar. I left my camera with mum who went to have a coffee, apologies for the awful photos but its too lovely of a store not to share.

I found this shirt of perfection and this is probably the only item of clothing that I bought in Melbourne..worth it.

Those are the Le Specs I bought the previous day that I had been wanting forever. After shopping in Retrostar I met mum at Roule Galette for crepes and tea. Lemon/sugar and Salted caramel, bliss.

Another of Melbourne's wonderful laneways.

Shag can be found in a couple of locations in Melbourne. It's pretty pricey but worth the look. Who knows what you might find if you poke around a little.

Mum fitting right in with the unsuspecting locals.

For (early) dinner that night afternoon Mum and I participated in the cliche tourist attraction of the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. 

Let's be real, they know how to cook a mouthwatering steak. The experience is pretty decent and I mean in the end that is what you are really going for. I think I would recommend going at night if you can. I feel like the vibe would be so much better and maybe a little less glary.

Obsessed with Melbourne's Geotags. The dessert was pretty amazing. Sticky date and vanilla bean pannacotta. The food coma and I were one that afternoon. It was all in all a pretty chill way to have a decent meal and get some afternoon drinks. And by the end of it I was probably a little drunk to be honest. But I think it is a hella cute thing to take your Parents or Grandparents to/on and I highly endorse this event/ product/ food/ miscellaneous. 

Bucket list
Eat Sezar
Eat Bowery to Williamsburg
Eat Easey's
Eat Miss Katie's Crab Shack
Eat Tramcar Colonial Restaurant 
Eat Newmarket Hotel
Eat Cafe Stasio
Eat After the Tears
Eat Mammoth
Eat France-Soir
Eat Biggie Smalls
Eat Naked for Satan
Eat Le Bon Ton
Eat Movidas 
Eat Seratonin Eatery
Eat Lentil as Anything

Drink Bartronica
Drink Croft Institute 
Drink Crown Casino
Drink Cookie
Drink Crompton Coffee


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