Splendour day 5

Splendour Day Five: Friday

Friday morning was spent eating, drinking and getting ready to Splendour.

It also involved playing with my fish eye lens which I barely ever use!

By this point my hair was about 95% dry shampoo.

Trend report for Splendour 2014: Bucket hats are still in, but are on the gradual decline. Coloured hair, hunter boots and cornrows seemed to be everywhere you looked, and I was guilty of all three over the duration of the weekend.

Ryan showing off his photography skills.

Surely there are better things to do at Splendour then walk around looking like this?

We spent majority of the day at the Mix up tent. The first act we saw was Kilter, who was amazing! It was a shame there were technical issues with the first couple of songs, but the rest were so good you forgot about the glitch at the beginning. 

Met up with Nicole who was backstage at the time with all her famous friends. Still can't believe that I was at Splendour just a year ago with her! She has done so well for herself!!

Saya pointed out @Mimilashiery to me, who at the time I had no idea who she was. She was dancing around with a group of her friends with no shoes on. She called out to me "You are beautiful" so I figured I would take the opportunity to ask her for a photo. Since then I have seen her face all over Instagram and even in a couple of shop windows. Which is definitely not surprising, she is stunning! Tiny but beautiful. 

After watching the Kite String Tangle (we had to after asking Triple J to play it on Wednesday night) we headed back to our tents for a top up of drinks but ended up getting stuck in this mess. Here's to poor planning. I won't rant too much about this because they did fix it the next day. This was the only path between the Mix Up stage and all the other stages. It was such a joke. All of the stores in the Small Mall had to pull everything inside their stores because people were literally walking all over them. The people working at the stalls were so mad, and I don't blame them. It was horrendous!

We spent the majority of Indian Summer's set in this stupid mosh. This happened last year between the Mix Up and the G W Mclennan Stage. Please stop making stupidly small pathways as the only way to get through. The next day they had opened a path behind the small mall for one direction of traffic and the small mall was used for the other direction. I really hope this doesn't happen next year. 

But it's all ok, because we made it back in time for Peking Duck which was just insane! I have never seen such an incredible dj set. It ended with all the girls getting on shoulders to Nicole's song High. Which I am a bit upset that she wasn't called out on stage to sing. I can't tell you how many times we heard Nicole's voice over the duration of Splendour. Plus High is used in most of the recap videos.

After Peking Duck we got some food then went back to the tents for drinks. I lost Luke and Ryan who I had been spending the day with. Saya wasn't feeling very well so I ended up going to the Presets with the Melbourne girls from across the road. I had only met them the other night but they were so nice to me. I felt so included. The Presets were outstanding, I didn't stop dancing the whole time. I wasn't that interested in seeing them but I am so glad I did! 

I went and found Saya who was with the girls at Kelis. We lost everyone at Yacht club djs. I asked the guy in front if I could go on his shoulders to try and find Imogen and Cally, and then Bohemian Rhapsody came on. This guy kept me on his shoulders for the entire Bohemian Rhapsody, he jumped around and everything. Kudos to you stranger for that amazing experience. I quickly ran away as soon as he took me off his shoulders. I didn't end up finding the girls, they are pretty short so it wasn't an easy task. So it was just Saya and I for Childish Gambino. He is an extremely talented man. I was so obsessed with his dancing. 

We then somehow found everyone at this meeting spot we had made at the Amphitheatre, even though it was in the middle of the crowd. We were all together for Outkast which was a pretty amazing experience. I am not the biggest Outkast fan, but I appreciate their music, and I am glad I was able to see them perform live.

Friday was amazing! Bring on Saturday and Sunday!!



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