Splendour day 4

Thursday morning was a difficult morning for everyone. This was the table we woke up to. It kind of speaks for itself.

At around midday when we felt a bit better, we decided to venture in to the festival to check it out. See what food was on offer, if there was anything we wanted to buy at the shops and to check out the new amphitheatre stage. 

This was not what we signed up for. After walking up this mountain we realised that there was a path that went around the side. The stage was incredible! It wasn't open for us to go walk down the hill on the other side, but we could still admire from afar. Was so looking forward to chilling out on the hill to watch City & Colour play. 

Not everything was open yet. It seemed like a good portion of the festival was still being set up. So we went back to our well set up campsite for a drink or two. 

Luke and Ryan arrived during the day. They stopped next to our campsite on the way in and passed their drinks to us. It was all a bit too easy. They then drove to the other side of the festival which is where RV world was. As annoying as it was being so far away from Luke and the rest of the campers, I kind of liked Campsite A. I wouldn't have changed where we were for anything.

There was a good hour where balls where just being thrown everywhere. You either covered your cup or understood that you were in the splash zone.

The boys woke up in the morning realising that they had drunk most of their beer the night before. During the day they organised their friends to drop off a couple of cases to them. When the boys showed up with the cases, me and a few others were being interviewed by Channel V. They were running in front of the camera with their cases whilst we were being interviewed, it was pretty funny. But somehow it didn't make it to the final cut. 

 My interview was so awkward. I am so glad they only showed the part where I say "Splendour 2014" because the rest was a bit shocking. I am bad on camera. When I was asked if I wanted to be interviewed none of the girls would do it with me, so luckily some more Melbourne people had arrived, one of which had purple hair like mine, so I asked her. We were asked to do so many weird things, like walking away in slow motion, dancing, laughing at really funny jokes. We were pretty much just laughing at the fact that we had just met. The on air chemistry was supreme. I am a bit annoyed that when they asked "Who are you excited to see" they didn't show me saying Nicole Millar. But it doesn't really matter because omg I was on TV. I have been in the social pages of the newspaper and now on TV, I think my fame has now peaked. 

Before we headed back in to the festival, Imogen got a little crazy and attacked everyone with glitter. The glitter on my head came off but everyone else's glitter scales stayed for nearly the whole of Splendour. Saya was not very impressed.

Something I learnt at Splendour: Coloured hair is bang on trend
Literally saw so many people with coloured hair it was kind of ridiculous. Side note, if you are blonde and you want to put colour at the bottom (dip-dye) make sure you make it blend like the girl on the left in the above photo. The amount of girls I saw with a horizontal line across their hair where there colour started was kind of horrendous. But these girls nailed it. This was in the Redbull tent where we spent our first night. I ended up talking to these girls and their table of friends for a good 20min. They were lovely.

The ridiculously not well planned too-small mall. I think it took them a whole day to realise that this could not be the only passageway between the Mix up stage and the rest of the stages. But more on that next blog post. It does look pretty at night though.

I had prepared for rain, I had prepared for mud, but I had not prepared myself for how cold it would be. Considering we had no rain, which was amazing, it meant no clouds. Which basically meant the nights where a whole new level of freezing. Note to self: Pack 10 extra blankets next Splendour. The photo above was my attempt to capture the blanket of fog on top of the campsite, kind of like taking a photo of the moon, it never comes out how it looks in real life. Tomorrow the partying really begins! Bring on SPLENDOUR!!



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