Splendour day 2

Good morning Port Macquarie, thank you for what would have been a lovely sleep if a drunk, wet and sandy Imogen had not jumped on top of me at 4 in the morning. May as well start adjusting to the minimal sleep before Splendour hits. 

Our mini photoshoot in our tropical paradise themed balcony.

Forever hashtagging
#greatapartment #wouldreccomend #sotropical #coastlife #purplehair #dontcare

Spending hours with my best friend listening to cds I burnt when I was between the ages 9-13. Think "Highway to hell", Bon jovi, Black Eyed Peas, "Gasolina" was on 2 cds! There are so many songs I don't even want to talk about. Let's just put those cds back on the shelf for another decade or so. Just putting it out there, I don't think I could ever get sick of my Chinese Saya Queen of Cheeks.

Plus she's a pretty good photographer whilst driving, but shhhh.

I was really obsessed with how beautiful the view was at some points. So I apologise for silly window shots of green and blue smudge, I just think the Australian "outback" can we quite picturesque at times.

Stopped at the Big Banana for lunch, and to be shameless tourists. Food here was so ridiculously expensive! What can I say, I'm a sucker for a B + E roll.

Because having fun in the gift shop is what I'm all about.

Just call me Khaleesi

Side note: How amazing is my new sausage dog necklace from the shop Pigeon Hole. So obsessed. Now I can take Sassie with me in spirit wherever I go. See I told you I have separation issues with my dog.

Werk it Imo. You made it on the blog.

Should I do streetstyle photography? #notsure

Me and Slaya rockin out to our jams for the rest of the drive to Byron. At Byron Bay, we set up camp at the same place where Nicole and I stayed last year, the Byron Bay Tourist village. Considering it was our last chance for a bed and a shower for a while, plus we couldn't be bothered setting up tents, so we decided to get a house for the night. 

After we had settled in, we went in to Byron to meet up with Madi, Bella the other Erica, and the boys Anthony, Jason, Mick and Josh at the Beach Hotel. I ate a hot dog that had pork crackling on it, it was good apart from the pork cracking. We spent the night inside watching the rain come down hard and fast outside whilst we had a couple of drinks and discussed tactics for the next few days ahead. Stay tuned, tomorrow we enter SPLENDOUR IN THE GRASS!!!



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