Splendour day 1

It's the most wonderful time of the year! SPLENDOUR IS HERE! 
After waiting a whole year, it's finally that s'marvellous time of the year where I get to get down and dirty with my best friend in the campgrounds of Splenda. I'm not sure about you guys, but to me Splendour is basically Christmas. 

This year we went to Splendour with a much bigger group then last year. Last year we were all camping in separate places and it wasn't really a group event. This year we had a solid group of over 30 people. 2 Gazebos, 15 tents, 2 tables, barely enough chairs, and a seemingly endless supply of alcohol. But more on that soon. I haven't even left my front door yet.

The first day was a lot of driving and misdirection, so I have decided instead to compile a list of items you should definitely make sure you or your friends have with you if you are going on a festival roadtrip:

. Gumboots (Hunter's are amazing)
. Polaroid camera
. A big hat
. Sunglasses x2
. Backpack
. Small handbag
. Variety of sunny and cold weather clothes
. Lots of beanies and jumpers and jackets
. Infinite socks and underwear
. Pillow
. Dr Marten's
. Fruit and Vegetables (so many avocados)
. Gas stove
. More gas in case you run out
. Kettle
. Saucepan
. 2 min noodles
. Esky
. Cold food like bacon and eggs
. Good camera
. Tissues, wet wipes and face wipes
. Charger cords and blocks for your phones
. Sleeping bag 
. 100 blankets (it was so cold)
. Gazebo
. Table
. Camp chairs
. 2x towels
. Thongs for shower (if you plan to have one)
. Spare roll of toilet paper
. Lollies and snack food
. Energy drinks
. Beer
. Liquor 
. Mixers
. Ice

And you've got yourself a party

From left: Imogen, Nikki, Saya, Caitlin, hi.

These are the Melbourne girls. We actually met Imogen and Cally through Yolanda, which is kind of awkward (but not really) because Yol couldn't make it to Splendour this year because she was in Asia, which is a fair call. 

The girls stayed at mine the night before and we stayed up watching Mulan while I spent forever burning cds for the roadtrip THAT DIDN'T EVEN WORK!

That look of concern though. Sassie and I have real attachment issues. She knows whenever I have a suitcase that I am leaving, but she just never knows how long for. Considering the fact that one time I left, I wasn't back for a whole year, I'm not surprised she doesn't trust me. Mum still sends me photos of her when I go away. They are usually just photos of her looking tear jerkingly depressed.

Our first stop was meant to be The Glass Onion Society at the Entrance for coffee. Although when we got there it was shut, which was a real shame. I really do love their coffee. We drove to Port Macquarie on the first day, stopping only to pee, refill on coffee and buy cheese and pineapple scrolls.

The place we stayed was mega cute. It was a chilled out little apartment where we got drunk and twerked to Iggy. Saya and I, the parents of the group then proceeded to go to sleep while the kids snuck out and went skinny dipping at the beach. Where they came across two SWISS boys whilst only wearing sand and cold water. One of the boys was next level dreamy and added Imogen on facebook. Srsly tho OMG.  #McDreamy xoxo

Please ignore anything I said above, I turned in to a total girl and I apologize. This is only the first day, I have so much more to share with you. Stay tuned. 


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