Splendour day 3

We spent Wednesday morning getting our last minute food, alcohol and cigarette shopping out of the way. Then we all met in the park to eat our food and drink our coffees and get well excited for the day ahead.

That is until this lady came to crash the party. She came over asking if the Hare Krishnas were here yet, we said no, she sat down. She stayed sitting with us for a good hour. Still have no idea why she sat with us for so long. That was an interesting morning in Byron.

Another couple of members in the massive group we were going to Splendour with. This is my boyfee Luke and Ryan, they hired a Juicy and wouldn't be arriving until the next day. Plus they weren't even going to be able to camp with us, which was a shame. And Luke cut his head on the boot of the Juicy before he even left, god love him.

We met up with everyone at the place we had stayed the night before. We ended up waiting over an hour for Madi, Erica and Bella because they wanted to get juice or something, so we decided to use this time to get a nice family photo.

From left: Josh, Pads, Mick, Cally, Imo, Saya, Nikki, Katy, Alex, Flick and Jason
This isn't even our final form!

This photo is from Pads' amazing film camera. There are also a few more that I have borrowed for my blog posts, so if you see photos with this amazing look, they are his. 

Saya getting super excited as we drove in to SPLENDOUR!!

Our darling little convoy of cars. Spent the next couple of hours getting in to Splendour and setting up shop. We got put in Campsite A, which at the time we weren't too happy about, but it was actually kind of amazing. They weren't checking cars this year, instead they were making you take all your bags through a security check point. We took our tents and gazebos through in the first round and got them all set up. Then when we were bringing in everything else we decided to just try walking around the side. And would you believe it, it actually worked!

Got everything in, we weren't asked a single time what we were doing. The trick is to just look like you are going somewhere or in the middle of something important, and you will never get bothered. Still can't believe it worked!

Well that escalated quickly. After bringing everything from the cars, setting up our gazebos and tents, we started to drink. To be fair it was probably around 6 by the time we had finished. We had the most incredible night. 

At this point not everyone knew eachother that well, so we played a game of Kings which really loosened things up...literally.

We also played endless rounds of beer pong, twister and Pads had brought these stick on moustaches which safe to say were the highlight of the night. He really stuck to the Mexican theme night, which nobody else actually came through on, good work Pads, pulling it altogether. 

Everyone agreed that Saya's looked uncomfortably realistic.

Another highlight of the Mexican themed night was the street party. We made friends with the Melbourne crew across from us, and things just came together. Drinks were flowing, music was going, everyone was having a pretty great first night of Splendour. I ended up spending a lot of time with the Melbourne people across the road from us, I think it was mainly because none of us seemed to sleep at Splendour. I already miss them. 

Let this be known as the muddiest twister matt you will ever come across. I kind of wish we didn't leave it behind. Will definitely be buying another one next year. 

The first night at Splendour was better then any of us could have ever expected. And it the festival hadn't even started yet. I will leave you with this ridiculous selfie in my amazing Leopard Onesie. The only onesie I will ever wear or approve of.  Splendour officially begins tomorrow!!!!


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