Splendour Day 6

The half way point of the festival is always the hardest. Splendour day 6, Saturday.

Started early, headed in to the festival for some breakfast and a donut, and to say good morning to Lionel. We got a bacon and egg roll from a Chinese stall in the food hall because it was the cheapest. They were all the same, most shops had them, and for some reason everyone put hollandaise sauce on their rolls which was new to us. Also got a Byron Bay organic donut which is pretty much my highlight of Splendour. I can't believe I only get to eat these during one weekend a year! If you have not had the orgasmic experience of the Byron Bay Organic Donut, I give it my highest recommendation.

Went back to the campsite and watched Imogen get transformed in to a walking artwork.

The speed dealer taking care of business. 

One eye normal one eye crazy.


We bought our first home.

Proud owners. No mortgage for us!

The boys drinking their beers in shots. From what I gathered, they had to do a shot every minute.

Leopard was trending at Campsite A

We come as a pair

The three white dress hippies

That time Ryan and Madi realised they were brother and sister.

To my delight I found out that there was a Pimm's bar. Safe to say the only alcohol I paid for during the festival was Pimm's. We all started the day at Sticky Fingers at the Amphitheatre. 

I didn't end up sticking around because this was the third time I had seen them live now, and considering I really don't like them it was three times too many. I put up with them the last couple of times, I just couldn't do it again. Couldn't handle the hat of bucket.

I wandered off by myself for a while and went on a bit of a spiritual journey. I sat and watched the monks chanting for a little, and then I booked in to have my Tarot read later on in the day. I then went and watched Skye Ferreira who was playing at the Mix up tent. I ended up finding Luke and Ryan there. I had to leave a bit early to go and have my tarot read. It was an interesting experience. I was hoping for cards but instead I had a really intense one on one conversation with this guy. It was a great experience and I am happy I did it. I did walk away from it a bit sad about life though. 

Embracing the feels of the Byron Bay Organic Donut

So as I have told you before, Nicole Millar #1 babe was playing at Splendour this year, and the time had finally come to watch her kill it. Had already heard her songs played a crazy amount of times, but I could never get tired of listening to her amazing voice.

As expected she seriously killed it! Can't believe how good she is with a crowd, I would be an absolute mess in front of so many people. But she seriously owns the stage. The polaroids I took were so great but I didn't get very good photo's of them. The one above is of Nicole coming into the crowd to serenade us with "High".

Dis is me with my friend Nicole killing it in the background. SO PROUD OF YOU BABY!!!

After we watched Nicole at the Redbull tent, the next people we saw were Metronomy who were a couple of hours later. In the meantime we went and got ponchos because it had started to sprinkle. The weather was so kind to us this year, it was amazing. The only time it rained was this night and it barely rained enough to be wearing a poncho.

Metronomy was a good time. I didn't know their music that well but they were pretty great. After Metronomy we did the pilgrimage across the festival, from the Mix Up stage to the Amphitheatre to see Foals.  

Watched Foals who I also don't know very well. But the whole group was together by that time so it was pretty great. They all left to see Rufus but Saya and I stayed to find a chill spot on the hill to watch City & Colour. It was all kinds of beautiful. Another tick on my Live Music Bucket List. Such a perfect way to end the night, of course it kind of started again with a bit of a rave at the Teepee Forest. But that's an experience that you can't really be told about, you really need to go and experience the Teepee Forest first hand to understand. 
Tomorrow is the last day of Splendour..



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