Cronulla and French Food

My cornrows lasted a good couple of weeks after Splendour, in fact they could have lasted a lot longer considering how well they had been done. But I eventually decided to take them out so I could see what my hair looked like underneath. And as you can see, I instantly turned into a purple haired lioness.

On Sunday I went on a lovely walk around Cronulla with Yol and the babes.

Took a photo of this dog for Dan because he wants to get a dog like this, and I actually think it will suit him pretty well.

Fell in love with this perfect little house pretty much on the water in Cronulla.

Got some one of my top rated Acai bowls from Heart and Soul, it was a bit of a wait, but it was worth it. The juice though, not so much. It had chlorophyll in it, and tasted like old laundry water.

The babes

Can't wait to spend my days here at Salmon Haul with a good book.

She gets tired real easy.

My little worn out Princess sleeping in my bag on the drive home.

She is my best friend, I could spend hours having silent conversations with her.
The right way to spend an afternoon.

Another one of my bowl creations. Trying to do that healthy thing. 

Mum and I bought a French Fine Dining dinner on Groupon at the Little Snail in Pyrmont. 

The atmosphere was quite lovely, despite the horrible wind outside.

Still a rainbow lion

We started our meal with Buttered Snails and Seafood Soup. The snails were actually pretty incredible. I have had snails in Hong Kong before, but these were much nicer. If you can get over the fact you are eating snails I highly recommend you try this. The soup was pretty nice, but to be honest I thought the one Luke's dad made for Easter with the blue crab was much tastier.

For our mains I had beautifully roasted lamb, with maple potato and greens. It was mouth watering.

Mum had a seafood platter which was pretty standard as far as seafood goes. I wasn't the biggest fan of the soft shell crab, which was odd because I usually am.

Pimm's done right. They did it wrong the second time (soda water instead of lemondade, ew) I am so obsessed with Pimm's.

My favourite person

Creme Caramel and Creme Brûlée. I preferred the Creme Brûlée.



Another one of my top rated Acai Bowls from Espressa in Illawong

Excuse the awful photo but I am just too excited, LUKE AND I ARE GOING ON A CRUISE!!!! We spontaneously booked a cruise for our two year anniversary to Vanuatu and New Caledonia with Carnival Cruises. If you have been with them before please message me at my facebook page or my tumblr I would love to hear about your experience. 

So lucky to have found my other half. It actually scares me how in love with him I am sometimes. He is my everything.



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