Splendour Day 8/ 9

The last day of Splendour 2014. Getting the family together for a nice worn out family photo, and yet this still isn't even our final form. 

From left: Jess, Ericad, Alex, Imogen, Mick, Josh, Madi, Pads, Bella, Aiden, Me, Jason, Andrew, Jeremy, Josho, Nikki, Saya, & Caitlin

This is the sad state of our campsite that we left behind. What a mess. Really wish we took the twister mat with us.

Tent skeleton city is all that remains of Splendour 2014. Was pretty interesting seeing what people were willing to leave behind. I actually can't believe how many good quality tents were left.

This is the floor after the boys tipped the table over. We all said our temporary goodbyes as we had all planned to meet at Coffs Harbour later that night. Said goodbye to the ghost town of Splendour and started the long drive home.

So many wet wipes, so many black boogers, so much gross. Saya and I stopped off at Maccas and ate our shame away. The drive was pretty much Saya listening to Metronomy and me looking at photos and falling asleep. I only slept an hour the night before.

We all met up at Coffs Harbour Tourist Village to stay the night. Had the sweetest little outdoor BBQ for dinner.

Finished the night off with and some drinks and a beach bonfire. Could not think of a more perfect way to end this incredible trip. 

This is what Splendour has done to me #ruined

The next night the Melbourne Girls stayed at mine for our final sleepover. And the next morning we all had Acai Bowls for breakfast, from my favourite cafe in Illawong, Espressa. 

Teary eyes and sad goodbyes. 

And I guess that is it. That is Splendour done and dusted. I am exhausted. Sorry it took so long to get all of these done. TBH I am currently in Palm Cove. But more about that soon. Still have a bit to catch you all up on. Sending all my love. Feels like it's ending all over again. Special thanks to everyone who made Splendour wonderful, you know who you are.



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