Welcome to Sydney, Dan & the Iconic HQ

After over two years of him telling me that one day he would move to Australia, the day finally came. Last week one of my closest friends from London Dan, moved to Sydney! I woke up at some ungodly hour to be at the airport at 5am to pick him up. From there we went to his new apartment at Bondi. Seriously, living the dream.

After dumping his stuff in the apartment we went on an extremely cold 6am morning walk along Bondi. He was in such shock how many people were out and about doing fitness stuff. It really was a bit ridiculous though.

Jetlag Dan

That day we went in to the city and literally just did all the boring things you have to do when you move countries, you know like get a phone, a bank account etc. Spent the night at mine with Luke watching Game of Thrones and then had a sleepover because he didn't actually have a bed yet.

Next day we spent a fair few hours sitting around his empty apartment waiting for the movers to finish bringing in all of his roommate's boxes that she had had shipped from London. It took so much longer because Dan has some ridiculous 5 flights of stairs up to his flat.

 But it's cool, we got to make cardboard mountains, so it's not as if the whole day was wasted or anything.

Losing the plot after no breakfast or lunch.

In love with my new Nomadic Store moon choker.

His apartment came fitted out with these adorable succulents. Definitely need some of these in my life, see you soon Ikea.

His roommate has a lot of artwork, and she had one of my favourite prints of all time. Will be getting this when I eventually get an apartment.

Playing in the MAC store at Mosman. Love the new Maleficent themed collection. And on that note...have you seen the movie?!?! It is seriously amazing. I have a real weakness for fairytales and fantasy, and Angeline Jolie, but most of all I have a weakness for movies that aim to break stereotypes and archetypal main characters. This was a story that revolved around true love not needing to be between a man and woman, and that women didn't need men to save them. But in saying this it was still so much more. It was about not making judgement until you know the whole story from both sides, it was about not letting things like ego and greed get the better of you, it was a beautiful story that I really badly want to watch again. And it actually had some pretty light funny moments. 

Being a basic, walking in and out of Bassike empty handed. Will never be able to spend over $40 on a white t-shirt. 

New purchases/ presents. Scrunchie and coat are from Topshop, and the necklace was a late Christmas present from my cousin. It is from Urban outfitters and it has a little e on it.

I was lucky enough to be able to go on an amazing excursion with the Fashion Institute to the Iconic HQ. We spent the first half of the day learning the ins and outs of buying. It was pretty tempting. I mean at the moment I am putting all of my focus in to Visual Merchandising. But I do like to keep my options open, and buying looks like kind of an amazing career. 

Had the worst burger at Chur. I am sorry, I know that it gets 4/5 stars on Timeout and other travel advisory pages but I have to disagree. It's the bun that really ruins it. The ingredients in the burger alone are all great but put them between that bun and what you've got my friend is a disaster. 10/10 would not recommend. I chose to go here because I had already gone to Brooklyn Hide in the morning and didn't want to look lame. Will never make that bad decision again. Bagels all the way.

We spent the afternoon there learning about styling and everything that goes on behind the scenes. It was pretty interesting learning about the stylists and their careers. The whole excursion was extremely rewarding. I really hope one day my career will look like this, in an office that looks like that, working with nice people and amazing clothes. #dreambig


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