Being a VM & Chet Faker

Happy because my hair is still purple, because I'm seeing Chet Faker tomorrow night, because it's my oldest friends 21st on Saturday and because on Monday I get to go back to intern as a Visual Merchandiser at Myer! 

Had my first day at Myer Visual merchandising. It was so much fun! I would really love to work my way up and be able to do this for a living. I look forward to Mondays so much now. This is literally the first internship that I genuinely love. It incorporates everything I love, styling, playing dress up, marketing, decorating, and having creative freedom within your means

This was my favourite set. It was more youth orientated whilst the others were directed at an older target market. I am working alongside the VM in charge of the women's floor, so most of the mannequins we have dressed are for an older target market which is challenging, but I love it! 

I can't wait to go on all the different floors, especially youth!


Have been looking for so long for a small handbag for everyday use. Bought one off Urban Outfitters after looking in stores for so long, and literally the day after I found this bag in Cue, whilst shopping for my friend. It was on sale, and it was the last one, it was fate.

My two favourite things in life, food and Saya. This is a photo of the amazing meal I had with the girls at the Sultan's Table in Newtown before Chet Faker. Try this place, the dips and chicken souvlaki were superb.

Was such an amazing live performance. I have to admit at some points the feels were a bit too strong and I don't think I was in the right headspace that night. But it was still so beautiful. So great just being there in the moment with my best friends. I couldn't ask for much more in life, just wish I felt like I do now, on the actual night. 


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