Nicole Millar at Vivid

For starters, I'm back to playing with my hair because when else am I going to be able to. I am back to balayage although am pretty set on going lilac. As soon as I get the go ahead from work, it's happening. Stay tuned.

Luke and I bought an all you can eat Tapas dinner at Barafinas Tapas bar in the city off Groupon. It was pretty nice. This was my first time eating tapas, and I am definitely a fan. Lots of different entree sized dishes, what more could you ask for? We could only order 2 at a time which was a bit of a pain because we ate them quicker then the time we spent waiting for them. But to be fair they were worth the wait. The calamari and the Chorizo were my favourites. 

After Tapas we decided to wander around Martin Place to see all the flashy lights set up for Vivid. 

We aren't very good at taking photos, or looking good in photos but I guess if you missed the lights at Martin Place this can give you a bit of an idea of what it was like.But I really do need to start taking my camera out more.

I may have lost composure watching people put their faces on to this light sculpture. We spent a good 10 minutes here dying of laughter. 

Ended the night very cold and I was still wet from the pouring rain beforehand, but it was a great night out with my favourite. We were celebrating I think our 1 year 8 month anniversary, it's gone by so quickly. Feels like only yesterday I was waiting to surprise him out the front of his house after secretly flying back from London. 

Last Friday night we went to see Nicole Millar play for Vivid at Opera bar. Such a chill night, the atmosphere was great and Nicole was spectacular as always. She will be playing at Splendour this year on the Red Bull Stage on the Saturday, and if you miss it, she will also be playing that night with RUFUS (de sol)!!

The Opera House just killin it as usual.

Sorry I barely post anymore. I need to get my camera out and start taking some proper photos again. I need to stop being so lazy. But on the plus side, I was lucky enough to get the visual merchandising internship at Myer! I am so excited, I start next Monday. I really hope this will open up doors for me, I am so ready to put my all into this internship.


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