Hey guys, welcome to what's been happening as of recent. Here's a catch up. I start my internship at Myer on Monday and I am now blonde! There you go, all caught up. 

Went to Mosman with Saya for a sunset picnic. We are pretty romantic.

For those playing at home, what you can and can't see above includes:
. Pringles
. 2x Kinder Surprise
. Sour and non sour skittles
. Stringer cheese
. Watermelon and strawberries
. Pickles
. Nerds
. Grapes
. Sweet chilli philly and crackers
. Hommous topped with pesto
. Carrots and cucumbers 
. Cheese and bacon rolls from Baker's Delight
. Cheese and Cucumber sandwiches
. Gummi bears
. Red Rock Deli Honey Soy Chicken chips

I am pretty good at putting together a snack food picnic party, what can I say.

Went out on the weekend with Luke's work friends for Karaoke. At the pub I put $1 in to More Chilli, my favourite game, and took out $10, It was a pretty great start to the night.

At Karaoke we picked out of a hat. These were my two choices. Don't worry, I ended up singing both, and it was late enough in to the night that everyone else was singing with me and I wasn't just up there by myself. We had a lot of fun. 

And then the next morning before Luke had even opened his eyes, I decided to something pretty crazy. 

The other day I posted a photo of a MAC store. And whilst I love the store and I love looking at the products I still would rather spend money on brands that are kind to animals like @lush_ausnz, here's to that long afternoon I spent in that great smelling bath.

Spent about a week being blonder balayage.

And then my work gave me the go ahead for Lilac hair, so I pretty much went to the hairdresser the next day.

I look so strange blonde.

It's a nice shade of 3 different shades.

Just call me Lisa (Girl Interrupted)

Spent the whole weekend trying to get the purple dye to hold on to my hair.

Pause in story, to show you this ridiculously good looking Mustang I saw at the shops.

Sassie being hilarious as always. I promise you she was in no way in any pain.

Progress. The middle of my hair isn't holding on to the purple dye as much as I would have liked but it's ok. Before Splendour I will be going lighter blonde, as close to white as possible, and hopefully all my hair can be one shade instead of three. I will then be going a lighter pastel purple. I am so excited. I love playing with my hair. 

And I love this crazy cat a lot too.


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