Ice Skating & Bondi markets

If you are looking for an extremely satisfying Acai bowl, I strongly recommend Heart & Soul Cafe at Cronulla. I have never eaten anything else from this place, and I wouldn't call their coffee heavenly, but they make a damn good bowl. 

How I spend majority of my time. Just give me 5 more Sassie's and call me Miley Cyrus. #goals

Hair progress: I am at the point where I am waiting for my next hair appointment to get my hair at a single tone, white blonde colour, although watching my hair slowly wash out has been quite depressing. I am not going to dye it purple again until then. So at the moment it is a bit of a weird mixture, but I still like it. Can't wait for it to all be one even colour.

Just some behind the scenes shots from my last outfit post. It was so much fun, I can't wait to do it again!

After Lani did my makeup and we played outside taking photos, we decided to go to the city and go Ice Skating.

Winter Wonderland is at Darling Harbour, I think it will be open for a couple more weeks. It was a really great set up.

In some pretty hallway thing that sporadically (my word of the day) snowed. 

The ice skating was so hard! I have only ever skated on those real nice clean indoor places, where the ice is smooth...as ice? What I am trying to get at is that this was nothing like those places. This seemed like the real deal, like what actual ice skating is like in places where it snows. The ice was rough and it was actually such a struggle. The skates I was wearing probably didn't help. But enough complaining! It was so much fun. And you should definitely go check it out!

Why skate when you can selfie? We were for a very long time considering getting one of those little penguins to help us out, but by the time we were set on getting one our time was up. I have to admit, I was so completely jealous of the girls who had brought their own skates. White leather ice skates are so classy.

Ended the night thinking we would pop in to N2 Gelato, only to discover that the line was almost as long as Messina. So I still haven't tried N2. One day. It's definitely on my bucket list.

On the Sunday, Sassie and I met up with Arianne (LolaJagger), Yan Yan Chan (Parfasseux), Vivienne (vko_______) and Alex (Lexypants_) to sell our clothes at Bondi markets. It was a great day hanging with these babes.

There were some really amazing clothes on sale. I ended up breaking even, only because I had to pay $20 for parking! But to be honest I was amazed I sold anything at all, so I was definitely not upset with that. 

Sassie and I met this gorgeous boy outside. Seriously can I please just buy a sausage dog puppy every year for the rest of my life? That's all I want.

Sassie just working at her sales skills. I can't tell you how many times I was asked how much she cost. She literally gets more attention in a day then I do in a week. #cutedogproblems

So you know before how I said I broke even? Yeah well that was short lived. I went to Dan's after the markets to say hey, and to charge my phone so I could get home. As I was leaving I pretty much turned straight onto a brick mortar. The top scratch was how high the mortar was. I literally just did not see it, it was so small. But it packed a mighty punch!

Laters $1000

My hair can look so many different colours in different lighting. Hope you all have a great week, from the girl with the "not sure" hair colour. 


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