Since we last spoke

Hey lovers, here are some snaps that can sum up the most important things that I have been doing for the past two weeks... spending as much time with my friends. Not for any reason in particular, just to keep myself from going insane due to work politics and lack of finance. Discovering the simple joys of getting cheap eats with the girls, saving money instead of clubbing, working around each others schedules, and discovering that all you need in life are your best friends, some frozen yoghurt and a never ending pack of cigarettes.  

Cronulla dinner with the girls, we got burgers and sat on the beach. We then ended the night with Frozen yoghurt and more sitting and discussing life. Yol is in the middle of uni exams and didn't think she would be able to see us, so we drove to Cronulla and surprised her for a study break, which then ended up being a whole night of procrastinating. But sometimes you need a break, even if it's a really long one. 

Another day I went to see Nicole at Cronulla to catch up. She has just released some amazing new songs. We ate at Ham, I was beyond tired from a strong lack of sleep and she was hungover and tired. We had been exchanging texts at 5am. It had been a long night for both of us. We struggled through breakfast, and were devastated to find out that they had run out of coconuts. After breakfast we went to IGA and bought a couple of coconuts, then we realised there was a fruit shop next door. We felt awful but they cut our coconuts for us which we were so grateful for. We then lay in the park for a couple of hours half telling stories and half sleeping.

Here are some of the new songs she has released. 

Her collaboration with Emoh Instead which was released on Triple J and I got to listen just before starting work. 

And her track fall which I am actually ridiculously obsessed with. Its so hauntingly beautiful. 

See more of her work at her page Nicole Millar

Family dinner with Luke for his Brother's Birthday. Just went out for Italian with the fambam, its always nice to get together with them. And of course the best photo to sum up the night is of Luke and I being completely normal. 

Saya and I had a cider sleepover after I finished at the family dinner. We somehow ended up awake at 1am stuck in a youtube hole of puppies and kittens doing ridiculous things. The next morning we went to My Caffeine Romance in Kirrawee. If you haven't been I highly recommend, the food there is superb. Plus the chai lattes were my fave but Saya then bought me the powder that they use, so now the chai lattes I make are my favourite. Thankyou Saya.

During the week YES went out for Shisha FINALLY! We had literally been planning this for the past month but our plans would always fall through last minute. We met up a Newtown Social Club and had the best $8 pizza I have ever eaten. #willgoagain 
We found another place that does shisha but it was a chicken tikka place that looked super dodgy so we decided to stick with Arabella. And we spent the night being dragons. 

I have been having a pretty good month. Just so done with my jobS. Yep I got a second job at Woolworths doing personnel shopping. Its a good job once you get used to it, it's just taking such a toll on me physically. Turns out they tax you for a second job like double the amount you get taxed for the first. So I am still making barely enough money and I really need to book plane tickets to Thailand like yesterday. Am in need of a serious career change, something I can get settled into for the next 6 months and then arrange it around my uni timetable when the time comes. But that's dreaming pretty big isn't it. Oh well, dream on little sunflower you're time will come. 


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