Newtown Festival

I got hair extensions!! Which you totally can't see that well in this photo. Somehow the hairdresser found 2 rows that were a perfect match for my hair colour. I didn't even know my hair was a colour! They are the same length as my hair now, I just got them because I was tired of having such thin hair all the time and I was over having my ears always pop out, thats just not ok. And I know I should be putting all my money towards Thailand, but it's hard not spending money on yourself for that long. You need to buy something once in a while to keep yourself sane. So I bought hair.

On Sunday Saya picked me up and we went to the Newtown Festival. We parked a station before and caught the train. And me being a fool bought a concession ticket and was rewarded with my first train fine ever. I love that my fine is the same amount someone who didn't buy a ticket at all would get...logic. So there's another $200 that won't be going towards Thailand. But apart from the crap start to the day, the rest of it was pretty good. 

Newtown, a place where you can find everything and anything you have ever not needed. You can buy the huge banners they hang in Sydney for various events for $1.

We decided to spend our money on a caricature instead of clothing. We were pretty nervous, this is the first caricature we have ever got. 

And this is what we got. A caricature of two girls on a motorbike that look nothing like us what so ever. I just don't know how to feel about any of this. Its just so weird. And my one was very lacking in eyelashes, which hurt a little. 

Snapchatting Yol to study and stop snapchatting. She has problems with snapchat. 

But seriously fool, this does not look like us in any way.

Japanese tourist

And that was Newtown Festival. I sampled some Jamaican Jerk Chicken, had a coconut, bought two really pretty gems, had a inaccurate caricature drawn, spent 3 hours looking for the one coffee stall they had, and laughed at multiple dogs and humans. 


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