Catching Fire and Soul Food

Haloumi and watermelon. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend for a flavour sensation like no other.

After waiting a whole year it is finally here, the 2nd Hunger Games movie. I can't even deal. I re-read the whole book series again for the 6th time to prepare myself. I even got Luke to read it. We were so ready.

Had to be done. I have only ever seen fish on the Imax so I figured why not watch the movie I have been holding my breath for all year. 

It was amazing. Not going to lie, it was pretty difficult watching it at Imax, it was just so big. I never thought I would be as obsessed with anything more then I was with Harry Potter. But I was wrong. And I am the biggest fangirl for Jennifer Lawrence and this just had so much of her in it, it was just the best. If you haven't read the books please just do it. There were a lot of things that were missing from the book. One scene I especially thought should have been in there that wasn't was the scene between Katniss and Plutarch where he shows he his watch and it has the Mockingjay symbol on it that disappears. I felt that was an important scene. But other then that the movie told the story extremely well and I was so happy with it. Best scene is definitely the elevator scene with Johanna. 

1 year 2 months <3

Shirt / Mink Pink (saya's)
Bag / Sportsgirl
Shoes / Windsor Smith
Watch / Michael Kors

My baby is back from London! And she is here to stay!! Well she is going to Melbourne to study but it still beats being oceans apart.

Raisin toast with cinnamon sugar and peonies are my favourites.

My pen pal drew the most incredible picture of me. I love her so much. it even has sassie in it!

My brother graduated from Bates Drive Special School. Seriously can't believe he is 18!

Luke and I finally went to Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen. Have been dying to go for so long. I am obsessed with American Food and we don't have that many places in Sydney to go for it. But this place is definitely the best.

The food was too good and we were too hungry to take a photo before we started eating. But I had to show you guys. It was so good. And yes the sole reason I got this dish was because all I could picture when I heard the word Jambalaya was Kramer in the Soup Nazi episode and I just had to try it. 

Our already devoured sliders and tater tots with maple ketchup. One of the sliders had Mac and Cheese in it. Oh America. 

Here is what they would have looked like before ...

(not my photo)

I highly reccomend you check it out. One of my new favourites, and the music is just the icing on the Big Deep Fried American Cake. 


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