Polaris Prom Night

Prom night at Hot Damn feat Polaris

Rick was playing with his band Polaris at Hot Damn that night so Sayako and I went to provide some moral support. Not that they needed it.

Jumper / Vintage
Skirt/ Cotton On
Shoes / Windsor Smith
Necklace & Rings / Topshop

Another photo ruined by people we don't know and for reasons we don't understand.

There were about 40 photos with no flash on my phone of literally the exact same photo. I need to stop giving control of my phone to drunk humans in bars. 

So much steaze for Prom night.

Probably one of my favourite shows by them. Trust me I have been to a fair amount of them now and this was definitely my favourite. Actually it may be 2nd after they played with Born of Osiris at the Hi Fi, that was pretty epic. This set was mostly covers and then a couple of their own songs. This is the first time they played covers. Top 2 were definitely their covers of Lana Del Ray Young and Beautiful and The Killers. 

Love these guys. It has actually been so much fun watching this band develop over the past year. They have just released their first ep Dichotomy. You can check it out HERE

Or just check out their facebook page



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