Meeting my Soulmate pt.4

The next day Bambi and I took to Sydney city for a stroll down Oxford Street.

Jacket / New Look
Scarf / Sportsgirl
Shirt / General Pants
Pants / Glassons
Beanie / Rubi Shoes
Shoes / Lipstik Shoes
Bag/  Topshop

Stumbling into cute graphic art shops and falling in love with all the "fucking" posters.

My friend Jesus.

Being Victoria's Secret Models, no biggie.

We found a cute little Bookshop cafe called Berkelouw. The perfect combination of red wine, good books and complimentary nuts.

We ended up getting completely lost for a good portion of the day. Not sure how exactly this came about. But on the way we ran into some pretty cute streetart.

We eventually made our way back to Coco Cubano to try some new things. We had our first Cigar and our first Bloody Mary. Both were as awful as eachother. 

After our not so lovely afternoon cocktails, we rushed to Centrepoint Tower to make our reservation for 7pm at the All You Can Eat revolving experience. 

We acted ridiculous and stuffed our faces until we could stuff no more, no judgement. 

Sometimes food wasn't made to look pretty. It is designed to taste delicious, and it did. There was a wide variety of food to choose from, we had a small bit of everything. This included "delicacies" such as emu, kangaroo and crocodile, Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.. This was one out of two plates that looked lie this.

Then came the seafood.

Followed by the dessert. Which was then followed by plates 1, 2 and 3 again, and then another plate of dessert. No judgement. The dessert with the purple jelly on top was on of the best pieces of food we had ever eaten out of a tiny plastic cup!

Sydney looking fabulous all the way down there.

Cruisey lifts with full bellies. We slept great that night.

The next day catching the train back to Newtown.

Jumper / Cotton On
Jeans / Primark
Beanie / Witness
Shoes / Lipstik Shoes
Bag/  Topshop


Snapchat: @yeswanderlust 

We spent our lunch taking copious amounts of post burrito selfies.

Crazy vintage shops you can barely walk through are the best kinds. 


Yes, that is a Star Wars tv.

Some sort of tusk just sitting in a box outside a vintage shop.

Bambi and I are unhealthily obsessed with scratchies. Look how close I got to winning $80 or $85,000! Missed it by that much!


I introduced a hesitant Bambi to the sheer delight of the El Loco Hotdog. If you have not experienced this amazing taste bud sensation you are missing out! It's cheap as chips and you can get drunk whilst you eat, and who doesn't like affordable Mexican?

After El Loco we made our pilgrimage to The Soda Factory for their Pulp Kitchen (Wednesday Nights). Quentin Tarantino beats and Pulp Fiction themed food, including a $5 shake, of which I spilt all over a poor asian man trying to impress his date. The bartenders were lovely about it though, even replacing the drink, they really shouldn't have. Rewarding my awkward clumsiness. 

After we reached a good level of drunk and happy we made our way back home. Writing about these adventures doesn't feel real. Going back through all the photos and remembering all the fun we had. I wish she never left. I feel so lost without her. Without my partner in crime by my side. Missing you B.


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