Meeting my Soulmate pt.3

The next day we went to Bondi Beach with Luke. I can't say I am the biggest regular to this beautiful place, but that is mainly because of factors such as distance and ridiculous lack of parking. It was a sunday so we decided to avoid the hassle by taking public transport. Shameless bus selfies featuring matching "Wanderlust"lipstick by Sportsgirl.

 / Cotton On
Pants / Boutique in Cronulla
BeanieJapan from Saya
Shoes / Topshop
Bag/  Topshop

These are just some photos I took at the markets with my Canon 550d.

After the markets we came across a bar on the main street with a cocktail called "the Ryan Gosling". We weren't drinking at the time, but if that doesn't make you choose this place over others, I don't know what will. I have absolutely no idea what this place was called but it isn't hard to find. It's on the main road and it has board games.

Just a photo of us destroying our meals.

After we inhaled our lunches we went down and walked along the prettiest beach.

Watching streetart be born.

And taking photos with already established street art.

The best part about life is the unexpected. And I personally feel that when you don't plan days down to the minute and leave things up to chance, this is when the most interesting things happen. We were walking back to the main strip to catch a bus to start our journey back home, when we stumbled across a skate comp. We pretty much watched the whole thing. It was pretty incredible.

You can't really tell by my awful photos but the stuff these kids/ adults were doing was insane! And by hanging around a little longer then expected, we were able to watch the sun go down over the beach. 

And then we went home and ate Nando's and nearly died eating the extra extra hot sauce. I am sorry these blog posts are so spaced out. I have just been doing some things, getting down to business, but mainly just trying to sort my life out. I will get the rest of the Bambi posts done soon and hopefully get the video up even sooner. And I apologise if my writing seems a bit off. I am currently lying in bed, spooning a box of tissues, unable to speak and breathing through my mouth. Being sick in bed is such an awful way to start Spring, but at least Winter is finally over.



  1. i love that floral crown stall!! if i wasn't currently jobless i'd demand we go on a market adventure :D

  2. i'm in love with your blog! i love finding other aussie bloggers and yours is definitely one of my new favourites :) followed you on all social media xx