Meeting my Soulmate pt.2

The next day I took Bambi to my local beach, Cronulla. This was one of those places that I took for granted before I went to London. Coming home and realising you have a beach basically on your front door step that you have been ignoring all your life was pretty great. It really is quite a beautiful place. But then again, anywhere close to the ocean usually is.

I took B to INC Cafe where yet again we ordered too much food for our shrinking stomaches, and then proceeded to shamelessly take photos of our food because we are those kinds of people. We also tried Koppaberg strawberry and lime cider which was amazing! This Rekorderlig but about 10x smoother to drink.

Shirt / Sportgirl
Cardigan/ market HQ
Skirt/ Cotton On
Necklace With Love Kirsten
Shoes / Windsor Smith
Hat / Markets

We had a pretty chilled out day just loafin around Cronulla.

Shoes / Lipstik Shoes
Pants/ Cronulla Boutique

The next day we took the train into the city with Lucy for a girls shopping day...

Forever yin and yang.

I liked the jumper from Topshop. I also look like I am about to sneeze.

I actually ended up buying these babies. It's just a shame they are slightly too small. I am that size in between a 7.5 and an 8. #firstworldproblems #fashun

We ended up buying matching bracelets this style. I still wear mine every day, because friendship bracelets will never go out of style.

This is how they serve Crust Pizza in the Sydney Westfield Food Court. It was Peri Peri of course, with my favourite salad on the side!

Bambi on the prowl for a black shaggy jacket.

This guy has the worst job ever. After we took this photo with a life size velvet cupcake we shopped a bit longer and then headed home.

That night we went to see my friend Rick's band Polaris play in Menai.

The salad I made for B. Half honey mustard and half balsamic dressing.

We went to Illawong shops where Luke and I tried to get her to try the infamous Illawong rolls. She got a pie. We were devastated. It was only when she left that Luke and I realised that not only had she not tried an Illawong roll, but she didn't get a chance to try the Famous Paul's Hamburgers! I know what to send in her next care package. If you have not had the amazing opportunity to consume a Paul's Hamburger I highly advise you get on it right now.

Sassie and Bambi

That night we went to Opera Bar. I wanted to take her during the afternoon but sometimes things just don't work out. But we had an amazing night. We ended up getting an extreme red wine kind of drunk.

We danced with strangers, were filmed by asian tourists, including one on the dance floor with an iPad. 

We ate one of the nicest pizzas we had ever consumed. Although this is coming from too drunk girls who had forgotten to eat dinner and were starving at the time. They probably could have put anything in front of us and it would have been the best meal of our entire lives. But for serious, go to Opera bar, it is beautiful and the food is exquisite. 

JumperCotton On
Pants/ Glassons
Shoes/ Windsor Smith

We have a multitude of barely audible videos of us singing, it is quite hilarious. The video of Bambi's time here is well under way.

On the way out we went to the bathroom where we spoke to these girls who (small world) lived pretty close to me. I ended up reciting "I wish" by Skee-Lo. It was recorded. It is hilarious. It will be in the video.

I had to stay home the next day because my Polish Grandma who had been staying with us was flying back to Poland that day. So Bambi went out to the city again with one of her friends from Perth who was also here on a holiday. Sorry again for the delay in blogging. Things just really suck at the moment to be plain and simple. It's hard not having her here. She was only here for two weeks but she planted something deep and I find myself always feeling more alone. In short it was her Birthday recently and I need to get my shit together and send over her care package. I have to run to work. Love you B with all my heart. And I am sorry I haven't been messaging as much I have just been so stressed lately. Please know I am still here.


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