Shoot for Walthamstow College

This was possibly the worst shoot I have ever done. The advertisement claimed that they needed models for a fashion shoot for the Fashion Design students final collections. When I arrived, I kid you not the "Fashion design students" where all around 14-17 years old and had no idea what they were doing. They said they were starting up some company called "The I feel experience", it is pretty bad. So basically these 12 year old tried to get me to fit into this tiny gold dress that belongs on stage at a 5 year old dance recital, which I clearly couldn't fit into. So instead they put me into this ridiculously ugly polyester long sleeved dress. Just for a little background, this was possibly the hottest day London had all year, I kid you not it was 33 degrees that day. 
So we went outside in the boiling hot sun in this disgusting oven of a dress and because the other models were smart enough not to show up I was modelling with one of the students who was everything I could never be, black and British. And she was like 12 and had boobs which was annoying considering I acquired mine around the age of 15. 

I could go on for days how shit this shoot was but I will just break it down for you:
. 3 hours
. 33 degrees
. Standing in direct sunlight the whole time
. In a long sleeved black dress
. No drink breaks or water anyway 
. Ugliest shoes/ dress I have ever had to wear and neither fit

And after all of this the photographer only sent me 1 nice image that I like (the second one). I know he took good ones I looked through them on the day. Oh well life goes on. Life lesson learnt, if your not getting paid and you walk into a classroom of 10year olds who are organising your shoot, just leave. It's not worth it. 

Behind the scenes...

With love from London

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