After Paris

I caught the train home with a heavy heart and sleepy eyes. In only 4 days Paris had blown me away and swept me off my feet, I was and still am hopelessly in love with that beautiful city. Just before I got on the train an old man gave me a beautiful flower for no reason what so ever. He just said to me, "A beautiful flower for a beautiful girl" and wandered off.
On the train home I was sitting across from a couple who kept giving me weird looks, most likely because I kept falling asleep and most likely snored or did something embarrassing  I remember trying to fall asleep on my hand that was propped on the armrest, until I fell down to a rude awakening of direct armrest to face contact. 
After the tiring train ride home I decided to treat myself to a candle that I purchased at a little boutiquey store, vanilla and caramel, the most amazing scent in the world. As I sat alone in my bed smoking a ciggarette on the windowsill, listening to Moon River by Frank Sinatra with my new candle burning in the background I couldn't help but think Paris never happened, it was too surreal, too incredible, just perfect.

Paris, Je t'aime

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