Joe & the Juice and Tube station fires

On this day I met up with Georgia and Lewis for a drink and a catch up. Before L came, G and I went to my favourite place to chill out at Joe & the Juice. Whenever I had a break at work I would always go there and sit upstairs on the comfy lounges and indulge in some good old fashioned free wifi. This was one of my first times going and I still didn't know the boys there very well. Georgia went up and paid and somehow I scored not only a free juice (my favourite is "Pick me up") but also a free passionfruit. So obviously that was a great way to start my afternoon.

Just documenting the great view G and I had from where we were sitting. Joe & the Juice, where hot men come to make and drink juice. 

We met up with L then all went and got drinks at a couple of different bars and then later on in the night we parted our separate ways and headed home. I usually would go to Tottenham court and catch the Northern line straight to Hendon Central until later on I realised changing at Euston was a lot quicker. But point of the story is that I didn't know this at the time so I was still going to Tottenham Court Station, and when I got there on this evening there was mayhem. Apparently there had been some fire or something ridiculous like a bomb scare, so the square had been stripped bare and traffic was piling up for miles. So I guess that added some excitement to the day I had spent sleeping off the weekend. 

With love from London

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