Lana Obsessed

It seems to be that you either love her, hate her, or hate that you love her. She gets a lot of criticism and judgement from the media and general public on her videos, live singing and general fashion. Being a critic would be such a soulless job, it's just highschool all over again, and they're just bullying the people who are prettier or better then them to make themselves feel better. I don't go fan girl often but I am all over Lana. I love her style, her songs and the stories she tells in them that just take you to a whole new world. I love her hair, her videos, her tattoos, her laugh, her view on life. All in all I am obsessed and if your not or if you hate her and her general existence in the music industry, then you probably need a hobby or something if you are wasting that much of your time and breath hating on someone you don't even know. All in all I would love to live in a Lana Del Rey song. 

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