Paris Day 4

If you read the last Paris post, you will know that Nima and I had lost both Q and Elodie in the craziness of drunken Paris after Midnight. This was sadly my last day in Paris and our plan was to go to the Louvre and the Pont Des Arts (the love lock bridge). Seeing as Quentin and Nima were sharing a phone it was basically impossible to find Q so Nima and I hungover like you wouldn't believe continued on with the day. 

We had a quite late breakfast around 11, so more of a Brunch I suppose where we crawled to the nearest source and food and set up shop for a Croque Madam and Monsieur.  Which was actually my first one ever, and it was amazing!

How gorgeous are the plates. 

We somehow managed to get to the Louvre. And to be honest all I could think at the time was, how great it would be to be back at the hotel passed out on the floor rather then walking around in this blistering heat. I think I was a tad bit too hungover for art, but we pushed through. 

Ok so we asked for an espresso, because I mean coffee is the same in every language right? But instead we got given these ice cream cup things, that were similar to the milo cups but with actual coffee on the top. This was supposed to just be a quick coffee before we went to see some art, but instead this quickly turned into a long fought battle between being hungover and wanting coffee and being hungover and suffering with major brain freeze.

I understand the hype about Venus De Milo. It really is breathtaking. I have never really understood the whole urge to see something like an artwork in real life when you can see it on the internet. I mean obviously it is a nice experience getting out of the house and exploring the world you live in, but seeing an artwork in real life never had that same feel to me. But this is a sculpture you should put on your bucket list. 

Don't take your kids to a fine art museum, just drop them off at a public swimming pool. I really can't stand young children with cool expensive shit. I didn't get a gaming console until I was 12. And it was a Gameboy Advance, just when they stopped being cool. I never had an xbox or playstation, and I turned out alright. I hate thinking that the way technology is controlling us all these days that by the time I pop out a child or two (like 20 years from now relax), they will be playing iPhone apps before they even learn how to walk. And now iPads are taking over the schools, so soon kids won't even remember how to spell because they wont ever have to again. The future is gross, I like now. Stop making new technology that we can't afford and combine your minds to cure illnesses and poverty. I am so going to be one of those old people who refuse to keep up with technology. 

Mosaics are dope.

I would like to think that when I leave this earth my body is laid to rest in one of those Mausoleum things and this wall will be purchased and used as a door. And the XX would play at my Funeral and I would be paraded through the city pulled along by 8 black stallions in an 8mill Coffin. Yeah I am totally kidding. Just for the record I would like my funeral to be close friends come to my house eat some burritos and listen to Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, burn my body and float me off the cliff at Illawong because I have always wanted to fly. I hate the idea of people spending so much when they die. Why would I want my parents and friends to pay anything when I die? Isn't it already enough of a burden to not have you in their life anymore, without putting extra costs on top of it? This is really deep. I have no thoughts of dying, but I mean come on, we all think of "what if - accidental deaths" every once in a while. 

Hehe being sneaky art. Not going to lie though, as we were walking away we saw about 10 other yuppy tourists copy us, monkey see monkey do. 

This is probably the greatest example of great placing of an artwork that I have ever seen. I don't even know if that sentence made much sense, but I'm sure you catch the drift of what I'm saying. This is another breathtaking artwork/ sculpture/ I want it in my house. It really is just epic. 

Nima and I spent so much of our time that day walking around the museum and making up stories for all the artworks. I remember the paintings above had so many characters and we would just stand there for so long in front of each painting trying to intertwine all the characters into the story. And soon standing would become more painful then pleasurable so we lay on hard lounges wishing for our hangovers to hurry up and suffice. 

We sat in front of this painting for so long looking at all the different characters and concocting stories for each of them. When we realised that out of the whole painting there was only one character breaking the 4th wall. It felt a little something like this...

This is my complete and utter disgust at this morose display of tourist yuppies frothing over the ridiculously small and underwhelming Mona Lisa. SERIOUSLY?!?!

I had to do it though, it was on my bucket list. I had to get a photo with the "world famous" Mona Lisa. And in doing this not only did I sacrifice a piece of my dignity but I also nearly drowned in the sea of fans, that were acting quite similar to "Beliebers" or "One Directioners". It was sickening. We left that room as soon as possible. I actually feel quite sorry for the artists who have artwork displayed around it, they are definitely not getting the appreciation they deserve. 

Just some vicious artworks.

I don't know why I love this so much. I am obsessed with impressionism and the idea of it reflecting dreams and how everything is always fuzzy because you can never accurately portray a dream in detail once it is over. I think of this painting as someone trying to paint it from memory but not being able to remember the details because it was such an intense experience. Plus I just like the idea of all this violence being moulded together like modelling clay. 


Such a beautiful painting. So intensely realistic. 

Every ceiling I have ever slept under has been plain white. I wonder when people decided to start making the switch between these elaborate paintings that often told stories of Gods and Goddesses and highly embellished in gold, to boring white that makes looking at the ceiling almost as depressing as looking at the floor. I know that this was back in the day when you were either so ridiculously rich you were eating gold or you were dying of hunger on the street, and I understand things have slightly levelled out between classes over time. But I wish there were still elaborate castles as houses and ceilings told stories and naked babies were constantly flying around your home. That would be just great.

I ticked this off my Bucket List, "lie on the floor of the Louvre". Considering the fact that we were basically crawling throughout the museum this was a much needed rest more then anything. I love the fact that a kid is taking a photo of me lying on the ground, I WAS ART AT THE LOUVRE!

The Pont Des Arts from the window of the Louvre 

I am definitely happy that I didn't stay in bed on my last day in Paris. I like the Louvre. Other then the Mona Lisa it really is worth going to. And you know how people always seem to exaggerate its immense size and how long it would take to see everything, they aren't kidding. I only saw a quarter of the Louvre, not even that. It's huge and I can't wait to come back one day and spend a week coming here and crawling around the marble floors again. 

This is the Pont Des Arts, one of the most mind-blowing things I saw in Paris. I just love the idea of an ugly steel bridge being made beautiful by people's love for eachother.

I put two small locks on the bridge that day that I had bought in London. Just a helpful hint to tourists, do not buy a lock in Paris, it is the most ridiculously overpriced thing you could possibly get. I put one lock on for my two best friends Yolanda and Saya, who together we make up YES which is where my blog name comes from. And I put one up of my best friend Luke who is coincidently now my Boyfriend. 

It is customary to put your lock on the bridge, and then throw the keys in the river. The amount of keys at the bottom of that river would be ridiculous by now. 



The time had come for me to leave this beautiful beautiful place and return to soggy old London. We had to rush back to the hotel to collect my bags and then I had to get a train to the Eurostar station. We had our sad goodbyes. It's so amazing what can happen in 4 days. I still don't feel as Paris really happened. It was all too good to be true. 

Thankyou Paris. I truly have fallen head over heels in love with you as a city. I have dreams about living there and crazy things like what happened then, happen again on a daily basis. But I know that will never be. This was a once in a lifetime trip. And it will always be my most cherished escape. The people I met, the things I did, the places I saw. I love Paris and one day I will return although it will never be the same, but hey it could be even better, who knows.
I have nothing more to say of Paris other then thankyou for letting me see the world through rose coloured glasses.

La vie en rose

And then she woke up....

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