Back in Bali, Paradise Revisited II.

A lot has happened since I returned from the land of amazing sunsets. I have been so flat out with my NEW JOB and trying to juggle uni work at the same time. I should be finishing my uni assessments but I have basically booked out this whole weekend to do that, so I thought I should at least try and get another blog post up while I am having my morning coffee.

I miss this little baby so much!! Amigo, hands down the best dog in Bali.

Kellie and I were floating around Seminyak and bumped into some friends of hers. We went and spent the day at their ridiculous villa. I was absolutely starving though so I took myself on a little lunch date to Cafe Moonlight Bali. Above, Peanut Sate Tofu Spring Rolls. The sauce was dope but there was something in the spring rolls that tasted heaps funky, and not in a good way. The corn fritters with avocado were exceptional.

I had about 5 of these Peking Duck pancakes before I had to tap out. The plum sauce was incredible and the duck was delicious but the pancakes were so floury and dry. Regret ordering that much food, plus an amazing juice. Probably could have just gotten the fritters and a juice and I would have been satisfied. I swear I barely ate in Bali. I just was never that hungry.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chilling in the ridiculously nice villa, which I now regret only taking snapchat videos of. Kellie went back earlier. I just stayed and had a few beers while boys got ready to go out. Afterwards I went to the shops and bought some tropical fruit. I was proper so excited to eat this little fruit platter I made for myself but I was actually pretty disappointed.  The only fruit I had bought which tasted good were the baby bananas and the mangosteens. I stayed in this night and woke up at 11pm with a horrible case of Bali belly. My first time ever! Not sure what is was that caused it, but that was not a good 24 hours.

Lack of sleep due to being sick all night. Still have a smile on my face.

Went with Kellie to Revolver for breakfast. I got an Acai bowl to try and regulate my tummy a bit. Absolutely no regrets! Best Acai bowl I have had in a long time. 10/ 10 would eat every morning for breakfast if I could.

I spent this day keeping it lowkey at they villa. Tanning and reading. No complaints.

Lost so much weight before and during my Bali trip..

Bali legit made my skin so clear! I do look after my skin pretty well, but I honestly think the extra vitamin D just gave it a much more healthy glow. Plus not wearing makeup was the absolute best!

When I was feeling better I joined everyone at Legian Beach and ate my first Bali corn on the cob. It did not disappoint. I also learnt that you cannot look good eating corn, no matter how hard you try.

Wishing you were here with me.

My friend Stephen (Doot) requested I go and eat at a place his mate owns called Ling Lings. My friends did not want to go, so I took myself on another date and had the best Chicken Sang Choy Pow. I also drank a Pina Colada out of a pineapple and ate some sate sticks that had a very satisfying amount of peanut sauce. But let's be real, there is never enough peanut sauce. I could eat that stuff in barrels.

Met my friends at La Plancha and we all headed to Alley Cats in Kuta for the night, which is where I witnessed this atrocity of a shakas tattoo. Look at that gimp thumb! Hang your head in shame dude with the bad tattoo who I didn't ask the name of. After Alley cats I spent approximately 5 minutes in one of the clubs (they are all the same there). Bryn and I then left and somehow managed to go completely past where the villa was and ended up North of Potato Head. I was playing Lana Del Rey on my phone and pretending I was on the back of a motorbike driving across America with my ride or die, and that was the highlight of my night. 

The next morning we went to the Straw Hut for breakfast. It was our first time there, which was pretty surprising considering our villa was right next door to it.

I had a Bacon & Egg Burger with a Hash Brown. I think I actually preferred the monster Hash Brown tbh. The juice/ smoothie thing I had was amazing. Banana, chia, green stuff and a variety of other healthy good things.

Favourite mirror.

Spent the day enjoying the vitamin D with the boys.

Went to this Greek place on Kayu Aya and waited that disgustingly long for a few Gyros I am not even going to bother writing their name here. Don't go there. The best Gyros is in Sydney, in a random little cafe somewhere in the Shire that I have forgotten the name of. Remember, I am only speaking from experience. I have sadly never been to Greece.

Spent the rest of the day at the Villa enjoying the rays with Bryn while everyone got super loose on the beach. Ok, now I really need to get on top of my assignments! Wish me luck. Just want to finish this trimester so I can take a trimester off and focus on my new job.



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