Back in Bali, Paradise Revisited III.

Feelin fine at Froggy's Bar, Legian.

Found this chubby little pupper wandering around the beach.

Eyes that could melt the iciest hearts.

Take my breathe away.

Having a yarn at Motel Mexicola. Still my favourite bar in Bali. Closely followed by La Favela.

Loves an espresso martini.

Highlight of my night was most definitely swing dancing and absolutely owning that stage with Alen. Above is not us. No photos were taken. But memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Crab Tostada.

Bali, not even once.

I love Mexicola but I really wish the lighting was a bit better. Met a couple of chickas who ended up spending the night with us degenerates. Shoutout to Georgie and Zoey, it was lovely to meet the both of you. Hopefully I can come visit you absolute babes when I eventually come and check out Brisbane.

The next morning Bryn & I went to Canggu with Fraps & Kiki, the amazing couple who live in the Villa we stayed at. Everyone else had bendered the night before and were in no state to accompany us.

This is a clothing store that Kiki looks after. Pop in if you are ever in the area. 

It was such a beautiful day, we decided head over to Echo Beach for some ridiculously fresh seafood.

Love an all you can eat salad bar.

The freshest and tastiest calamari I have ever eaten. This was one of my favourite meals of this trip. And it was under $10!

Literally obsessed with anything holographic or iridescent.

Popped in that evening to Potato Head with Bryn to watch the sunset, and relive the most amazing Pina Colada that I was introduced to on my last trip to Bali. Was not disappointed.

That night we decided to have a quiet family night at La Plancha.

In the first 5 minutes of being there the boys had already dragged some Europeans to our table. Won't lie, didn't like these girls. Mainly because after this night one or the other was always around and they were always fighting with eachother basically about hanging out with us, well the boys. Just so much drAHHMMMA, which I am so not about on vacation.

What started out as a quiet night soon turned into pretty weird night of tequila shots, dancing with strangers, losing eachother multiple times in this huge venue and for some reason glitter also came into the mix. I feel like there was always someone with glitter wherever we went out in Bali. The boys probably to this day still have some glitter clinging onto them.

The most accurate summary of the night. Until next time.



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