Back in Bali, Paradise Revisited IIIV.

Miss this mirror, and this villa, and the little dog too.

Another day, another day trip. This time we went to Dreamland Beach. Probably one of the most photogenic beaches I have ever been to...so far.

Wish we could have stayed longer. Word of advice, don't plan to eat here. You will waste the majority of your time here waiting for your mediocre food to come. Plus the servers there were so nasty. Save yourself the trouble and eat before you go.

That night Kellie & I had a much deserved girls night at La Plancha. Spent the night nursing beers and wasting money on 5 minute bracelets. 

My hair got so sun bleached. Keen to be blonde this summer.

Had such a ball with this babe. Even if we didn't spend the whole trip together, I think we both got what we needed out of it and I appreciate every moment we did have together that much more. We may not have the most conventional friendship, but we are two lone wolves that found common ground. You are one of the strongest people I know. Don't ever underestimate yourself Kel.

Favourite part about this trick was not wearing makeup. I don't think my skin has ever been as clear as it was in Bali.

Saturday morning I spent taking myself shopping. Not as successful as last year. But I did end up with a couple of sweet singlets. Above is a new favourite brand of mine, Le Petit Cartel.

Lost in Paradise, another favourite Bali shop.

Religion was a major let down this trip. I was really excited for some nice summer basics, but I just couldn't find anything!

I like to visit the skull shop more for the artwork then anything else.

You can find styles like these at https://www.esther.com.au/.

I think about this pupper at least once a week. I kind of love beagles now. But I am forever a dachshund girl til the day I die. 

One last visit to old faithful Legian Beach.

Oh tan, how I miss you.

Everyone had been here drinking since breakfast while I was shopping. I didn't drink much while I was in Bali. To be honest I really don't drink that much at all. I prefer a good cocktail over 4-5 normal drinks any day. But I will take red wine any day.

Drenched in satay sauce, just how I like it.

Froggy himself took me to his friends tattoo shop that afternoon while everyone kept drinking. I couldn't leave Bali again without a little forever memento. The tattoo I chose is on my instagram bio. It represents my love for sunsets, sunrises and everything else cool that the sun and moon do. I am that person who calls my friends to make sure they don't miss an amazing sunset. I felt that this was a pretty relevant Bali tattoo considering it is the Island of amazing sunsets.

Quite possibly my new favourite. Or at least a strong second to my dagger tattoo.

Bye bed with romantic rose. You really messed up my back for a day or two. But that's probably more my fault for being so used to my super posturepedic mattress. Thank you again Fraps & Kiki for having us stay at your amazing villa. Can't wait to visit again real soon.

I couldn't decide what to get for my last meal in Bali, so I got this pizza shop next to Alley Cats to make me migoreng and add satay sauce like Gado Gado. It was amazing! While I was waiting I wandered around this random shop inside the restaurant. 

After we had our last drinks and said our sad goodbyes, Kell and I headed to the airport. Passed this gem on the way driving through the Kuta clubbing district. Thank you valium for letting me have my first overnight flight that I was able to sleep the whole way through.

I am actually still having withdrawals from these Pop Mie Migoreng Noodle cups. Please if anyone goes to Bali, please bring me back some. Or let me know where I can buy them in Sydney. 

Mum and I arrived home on the same day. She had been in-between Poland and America for a few weeks doing work stuff and sorting out my Polish Passport! These are the amazing chocolates and lollies she brought home for us. The ones in the top centre are my absolute favourites. It's peanuts coated in some sort of hard icing or sugar I don't really know. But they are dope.

Love a good American pharmacy makeup haul. The Wet n Wild Fix Powder was one of my favourites. And of course the Lash-O-Matic mascara. My every day mascara.

Bambi sent me this snap. I somehow managed to get another matching tattoo with her without even knowing she had this! If that isn't extremely soulmatey, I don't know what is.

Another amazing trip, with memories made that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all that made my trip the unforgettable experience it was. Sending love and good vibes. Until next time,



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