Back in Bali, Paradise Revisited I.

You all probably know I was in Bali just last year with Luke for our three year anniversary. This time was going to be a little different. I was heading down with a couple of my best mates, one of which I had only met three weeks ago at Fusions. We had instantly clicked and not too long after we had met we were planning this trip. Aaron tagged in, and the adventure trio was set.

I wish I was better with maths and exchange rate stuff. Considering how much I love travelling this would be such a big help. I just can't wrap my head around the numbers.

Back in Bali after the media shitstorm from his last trip there. Don't do dumb things on planes.

We landed in Bali safely and spent a very long time stuck in traffic but we eventually got to our amazing villa where we would be spending the next week. We were staying at our friend Frap's place, which you can also stay at through AirBnb. Message me for details at my facebook page.

The drunken antics began quite early and didn't end until we landed back in Sydney.

These little babies were everywhere.

Last time I came to Bali I didn't hop on a scooter once. This time it was rare to go anywhere not on a scooter. Our first stop that night was Alley Cats in Kuta. Aaron's favourite place, and where a couple of our mates work.

I was feeling pretty gross and exhausted after the plane ride so I got them to drop me back at the villa so they could enjoy the rest of their night without me dragging them down. I have to admit, riding the scooters with these crazy cats was definitely the highlight of my night. 

Woke up early to try and see the sunrise but sadly this is all I caught. That morning it rained a fair bit but it cleared up by lunchtime.

This is Amigo, Fraps' beagle. I can't express how happy I am that this little pupper was there. He made the trip that much better.

When you don't actually know how to start the scooter and have to walk to Seminyak instead. We tried to google it but it was no use.

Ate this incredible meal with Kell at Sisterfields. I was heartbroken when I found out the they no longer had the Soft Shell Crab Bahn Mi. I settled for the Zucchini Flower Pesto Pasta which was pretty delicious. Kell had a chicken sandwich. 

All my friends are tens.

The view from the balcony at the villa. Spent most of the Sunday morning relaxing and getting well into my book "Petals in the Wind". It's the second book in the "Flowers in the Attic" series. It's a really good read.

Making sure we have an accurate "before tan" selfie.

Take note: This is how my butt looked in Bali. So keen to get a nice booty for summer. I have been working hard and I will be writing a post about my fitness/ eating routines or lack thereof. But my ultimate goal for this summer is a tight stomach and a booty that you can bounce a coin off.

The chillest/ best dog in all of Bali.

I am actually so happy with my body at the moment. Just want to get more toned and fit.

That afternoon we met up with the rest of the crew and went to Froggy's bar at Legian Beach for a few bintangs. The villa we stayed at belongs to Fraps but it is an AirBnb that he rents out to people. The couple below were from Canada and they were so lovely to chat to. Devastated that I missed them before they left during the week. Wasn't able to get their details. But Awesome Canadian couple, hope you had an epic time in Gili T. Below is just some standard Bali beach harassment. No I don't want a huge wooden statue of a scary face or a twisted metal sculpture that is just excessively big and pointless.

Golden hour in Bali, feeling fresh, free and happy.

One of the friends we met had the cutest little pitbull pup. I don't love pitbulls but I do love dogs and damn that pupper was a cutie. It had a really cute Mexican name but I can't remember what it was.

That night we left the group and went to Potato Head for the Sunnyside Up festival. We watched Sam Feldt who I had never heard before but was so much fun to dance to. Hermitude was without a doubt the absolute highlight of the night. We ended up leaving halfway into the Disclosure set when we 1. thought it was boring af and 2. found out it was a DJ set which clarified why it was so boring.

We had so much fun dancing like idiots all night. I got scared I had Bali belly when we got there. But it turned out to just be a bit of an upset stomach. The Bali belly came later on in the trip. Even though I did have to keep going to the bathroom and was sweating like crazy, I didn't let it bring down my night. I just stuck to the $5 waters and hoped my weak tummy would pull through.

It did. And I had an incredible night. This gem was wandering around all night carrying glitter. He was the Rafiki to my Simba. I didn't know how I looked all night and I didn't care. From the looks of it, I think I looked pretty happy.

On the way out we walked past a health food cafe that was for some reason still open, that had these adorable pre-made salads. It was so nice except for the capers. And I may have put too much dressing on. I just assumed you put it all in? Oh well.

This was just the beginning of our amazing week in Bali. 



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