August Recap

Going a bit back into the past to catch you up on the things that happen in between work and shoots. This is my August recap. It contains all the silly things that got me through being unemployed during this time. The small things in life that made me smile, like taking my dogs on walks through the bush behind my house.

Winning competitions to go and see movie screenings. Heads up, probably don't watch The Shallows if you have a fear of sharks or surf on a regular basis. Otherwise I really enjoyed this movie. The seagull was a definite highlight.

Getting extensions put in, that I actually coloured myself. 

Backyard chills with my favourite heathens.

Tinder dates that end up being my first time visiting an Absinthe Bar. I don't think I have ever been such a satisfying amount of drunk. Would highly reccomend. They have a three drink limit, you will learn why after your first..

Ramen with Nadz at Manpuku in Chatswood. They have peach jelly wine and mochi ice-cream! 

Helping Nadz alcohol shop is a job I take very seriously.

Bondi house party with this absolute babe.

And these handsome men.

Occupying my free time with gym sessions and long walks.

My forever partner in crime. Always by my side.

And I also ended up in Bali.


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