Nicole Millar - Wait

This absolute babe took me out on her video shoot for her new track 'Wait'. It was such an amazing day and I am in such awe of how talented this girl is.

She got this light box built for the video and she now uses it for her live performances. It is so pretty.

When photographers get bored and you are sitting in their general vicinity. Shoutout to @bellnjerry for the shots.

Patrick Rohl (videographer), Nicole, Jack Toohey (videographer) and me.  Squad.
The video was shot by Patrick and Jack for Vevo.

This is the final product. If the video doesn't work here you can check it out HERE <3 & HERE <3

Coffee catch ups.

When your pear salad doesn't have any pear because they ran out. Georgie Porgie still managed to kill it.

Nicole's first solo performance of her new tracks!!! I honestly cannot get over how hard this babe has worked and how far she has gone in such a short amount of time. She is seriously my inspiration all the time. She works her butt off and it really does show in how amazing her tunes are.

To follow Nicole and to stay updated with the amazing music she is bringing out follow her on instagram @nicolemillarmusic and check out her facebook page


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