Paeshy Baby

Around this time I was pretty down and out after everything that had happened. To cheer me up Paige and her boyfriend drove all the way from Melbourne just to see me! Still can't believe how lucky I am to have such beautiful souls in my life.

While Bryce slept that morning Paige and I went to the beach. Obsessed with my new American Apparel swimsuit!

We bought coconuts and fruit salad and spent the day reading and enjoying the summer sun.

Obsessed with this goddess.

On this day I finished reading the last book of the Girl in 6e series "If you Dare". It was amazing, as they all were. I am almost tempted to reread them all but I am halfway through "The Girl on the Train" which is also a pretty great read.

Fashion Icon

We are sausage dog magnets. Just dog magnets in general. Cannot wait to meet all the dogs I will be patting this year!

That night we met up with Rick and went to One Tea Lounge in the city. We were extremely interested in trying their ramen burger. For starters we had these incredible sambal miso edamame beans and popcorn curry chicken. We tried the seafood selection on the Lava Stone which was very entertaining considering how clueless we were when it comes to cooking fish.

For the sliders we selected a ramen burger with wagyu beef and a matcha baoger with miso tofu vegetarian. Both were insanely delicious and I totally recommend giving them a try.

For dessert we had matcha fondue which by this point in the night was a bit of a matcha overload. But the fruit variety was interesting. I can't say I have ever been offered cherries in a fondue platter. Well impressed.

The next day was spent bowling and playing silly arcade games. Honestly am so obsessed with bowling which is really weird considering how horrid I am at it.

Stayed that night at her dad's house where we had a super cute home cooked meal. The next morning we went to Bondi to have breakfast/ brunch at Porch & Parlor.

Pictured is the Devil's Breakfast, Cosmic Breaky and Sprouted Gluten free toast with avocado and a side of Haloumi because haloumi is life. This was my first time trying sprouted bread and I got quite a taste for it. I actually went to About Life after and bought a whole loaf.

After breakfast that morning they sadly had to drop me home and head back to Melbourne. I so badly wish they could have just taken me with them. But it was ok, I would be with Paige again in Melbourne very soon.


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