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This post is a big shoutout to Absolut and their new Absolut Botanik range. They taste so ridiculously good and I have about 7 empty bottles in my room at the moment just because they are too damn pretty to throw out.

Lucy and I decided to check out one of the Absolut Botanik House Parties at the Centennial Parklands Heritage Cottage.

On entry you were given 4 drink coupons which basically meant you were set for the night. As well as an Uber voucher to help you get home. And considering the event was free this was a pretty killer deal!

Met some pretty amazing people.

And made some pretty hilarious gifs in the gif studio.

This was a massive highlight of the night. A vodka tasting. You went into the room and were presented with these plates of fruit and jam, plus a free shot of vodka. In the room they were playing this native bushland background music and before we even tasted anything we were blindfolded and had to try and guess these different herbs and plants. It was such a cool experience and it really gave you such a greater appreciation for the product being promoted.

It was literally a house. In the bathroom there was a bathtub full of drinks and various rave lights. In another room people were singing and there were instruments scattered everywhere that you were encouraged to play and join in. The backyard had these big jacuzzis full of black balls, there was no less dirty way to describe that..

Everyone there was so friendly and the whole environment was just so inviting and interactive. I ended up meeting the organisers of these events. They are called The Projects and they specialise in interactive events which is actually such an insanely simple and genius idea. They end up creating these personal connections between the consumer and the product which I believe from personal experience after this event makes me so much more likely to buy the product as a consumer. To be fair the drink is actually so nice but when I see them in the shops I will always think back to this night and it will make me smile and that in itself is a pretty powerful thing for an events company to create.

At the end of the night I managed to drop my wallet on the train and the police met me at Central Station to return it to me. All in the space of 20min. Major shout out to the Surry Hills police for saving my ass that night. You guys are legends!

These were taken much more recently. I ended up winning an instagram photo competition from the photos I took at the event that they gifted me these two babies. Thankyou Absolut for keeping me hydrated this holiday season!

Reuniting with Mahria and the crew.

And bumping into this babygirl.

Always drink responsibly ;)


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