Listen Out & Oktoberfest in the Gardens

Going to smash through these posts because it's almost the New Year and I am too excited for Melbourne to dwell on these months which to be quite honest were pretty bad for me. But I am in a good place now and just want to get this year over and done with.

Acai bowls at Heart & Soul, Cronulla with Yol and Saya.

One night Rick and I were driving home and we pulled over to move a dead possum off the road and found this little baby still attached but completely fine. I called her Lucky. WIRES came and got here and I really hope she is doing well now. Please keep an eye out for possums on the road at night.

Luke and I celebrated our three year anniversary after Bali, continuing the tradition of buying eachother watches.

And he completely surprised me by taking me to the zoo. I had no idea until we were pulling into the zoo carpark. I am obsessed with surprises so this meant a lot to me.

Afterwards he took me to Manly for a walk along the beach. He had everything so planned out it was amazing. 

He took me to Chica Bonita because it sounded like Casa Bonita from South Park.  We had some pretty delicious tacos and some lovely conversations with the very friendly server.

I became completely obsessed with this book in Bali. This is the second in the series. If you need a good book to read and like murder and mystery and thriller and sexy times then get on this asap.

Went to Listen Out with the girl squad. Chi did my braids, they were amazing! And the sunglasses also belong to her and are also fabulous.

My playsuit is from Missguided. It was Torstar's gift to me when I finished interning with them. 

I got lost for a while after going to the bathrooms and ended up bumping into Mimi Elashiry again. This is the second time I have bumped into her at a festival. Except now knowing who she is and having followed her for over a year safe to say I have so much more love for her now. She is seriously the queen of instagram and organic foods.

I won't lie, this was probably the most uneventful and kind of boring festivals I have ever been to. I feel that there were no real stand out moments and the day was pretty much over before it began.

This was the last time Luke and I went out together. We broke up afterwards. It was as good of a break up as it could be. I have no negative feelings or anything towards him. At the time it did really break my heart. But I think it was for the better. I think I was starting to change who I am and what I wanted to do because I wanted to be this perfect girlfriend for him. I was planning my life around him and not me. I have too much of the world to see and too much to do. But in all honestly looking back at our relationship does make me tear up a little with happiness. I had such an amazing three years travelling the world with my best friend. I couldn't have asked for a better person to spend that much time loving unconditionally. But I think I need to figure out who I am as a person before I go down the relationship path again.

The next weekend was Oktoberfest in the Gardens at the Domain. I had originally bought the ticket for Luke thinking it would be me, Luke, Kurt and Saya. Although it ended up turning into a squad drinking fest plus Matt.

This was honestly one of the best days I have had all year. I couldn't actually comprehend how much fun it was. Such a good day with such beautiful humans.

It was seriously a perfect day until some dickhead thought it would be a good idea to throw one of the plastic steins into the crowd which hit Saya on the head. It happened so quickly I looked over and she was just looking at her hand soaked in blood. She was fine though. I don't think she had any stitches or anything. She went home after this understandably. 

We knocked off pretty soon after but not before getting rowdy in some random pub.

I became very much addicted to online shopping for a while. I have finally calmed down but my wardrobe is a lot thicker now. I am actually selling a lot of my older clothes, most of which are still in really good condition. The main reason I am selling and the main reason I shopped so much was because I managed to lose 6kg in a month. If you would like to check out the clothes I am selling check out my For Sale album on my Facebook Page.

Went to Sting with Gen one night and became friends with this babe Mahria and her friends.

Ended up spending the night at Mahria's with her amazing velvet dogs who I was completely and utterly obsessed with. That was another really amazing night. I love that moment when strangers can become friends in a sentence.

Quickly rushing through these months as you can assume they were quite hard for me.


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