Starting University & Pop to Popism

At this point in time it seems I am taking a bit of a trip down memory lane because this just isn't even my life anymore. After Japan I was so excited to be starting my studies at Sydney University. I was happy to be in the University even if it wasn't the course I wanted. I was enrolled in a Bachelor of Arts but I wanted to be studying a Bach of International and Global studies. I was under the impression that as long as I got in to the University I would be fine and that I could transfer within the faculty. I was wrong, everything is different now. But lets start from the beginning.

I made sure I attended O week and did the whole freshman dance. I signed up to everything I needed to be a member of and even things I didn't need to be. It was actually nice doing it years after finishing highschool, at least there was no chance of running in to humans who at this point in time I would not even remember their names. 

That afternoon I took myself on a date to the museum. I had been dying to see this exhibit and I literally just caught it on it's last weekend.

This was one of my favourites.

This was my other favourite.

I then treated myself to some lonely ramen at Yasaka Ramen, still one of my favourite Sydney ramen joints.

I treated my bumper with a but of Japan memorabilia. 

More Japan memorabilia.

Just a little photoshoot with my model of a dog.

I had enrolled in Sociology, French Studies, Anthropology and Government Studies. Socio was by far my favourite subject. I made the most friends in French though. And by most I mean all two of them.

Favourite bathroom colour scheme at University.

My hair was changing colours just like the leaves on the trees.

Just a big bowl of lonely pho at some miscellaneous place near campus.

That difference in style. Can you tell which one just came back from Japan?

Just a casual dinner with the babes for Gen's birthday.

Found a place on campus that sold really cheap coconuts! Did not care how weird I looked walking around with a coconut. Nothing beats fresh coconut water and plus it makes you feel like you are on a tropical island, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Remember the stormpocalypse of 2015?

I spent a good amount of my time on campus trying to find either places to sit in the library or quiet pretty places to eat my lunch. Consider my adventures at Uni TBC.


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