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Happy Easter! (3 months late but thats ok)

Luke's family has Easter lunch on Good Friday. My family aren't religious/ don't really bother with these kind of things. We have a Polish Christmas BBQ in January which is more just an excuse to have a party at our house with family and friends. 

Unnecessary but very much welcome Easter present from Luke's parents to us. 

After lunch Luke and I left for the Hunter Valley. This was actually a surprise trip he planned for me. He may have actually spoiled the surprise the night before but I didn't care. I was so smitten that he had planned a whole weekend away for my birthday!

We stayed at a place called Pokolbin Village. It was a very good location that was pretty much smack bang in the middle of all the wineries. That night we decided to drive up the road to the Tempus Two vineyard and eat at a place called Oishii. It was Japanese and Thai in one restaurant! Dead set my two favourite types of food.

Satay sticks with extra sauce and Masssaman curry our standards.

And a side of sushi.

The next morning we headed out on a winery tour that Luke had booked for us.

First stop was McGuigan's, we bought a really nice white called Autumn Harvest and a couple of reds.

We then went to Tulloch winery. I took this photo because the girl on our tour had such an uncanny resemblance to the girl from a Series of Unfortunate Events. Plus her hair was flawless.

The weather was miserable which was a shame. But it didn't really matter because we spent most of our day inside getting quite loose. This was the Audrey Wilkinson Vineyard. The guy running the tasting here had a killer moustache and accent.

It was too wet to go outside but I didn't mind. Every window looked like a lovely painting.

This was the place we came to eat. We didn't actually do a tasting here which was a shame because the tasting room looked amazing. At this place the food was ready to go when everyone from the tour arrived. Except for Luke and I. We had to wait because of some mix up with the tour guide. And then I was served the most disgusting Ceasar Salad I had ever eaten. It was basically dressing with some salad on top.

Other then that this tour was pretty great. I need to get details off Luke though because I for the life of me can't remember the names of the other places.

We spent the afternoon recovering. I stopped drinking, Luke powered on. We had this amazing dinner at the place we were staying. The bruschetta was deadly. 

I had this amazing vegetable risotto and Luke had spag bol which he could barely eat because he was so drunk. It was a pretty great night.

We got the spag to go in case he was hungry later. It ended up turning in to this frozen lump that we threw away the next morning.

Our adorable little home away from home at Pokolbin Village.

On our drive home we made a couple of stops to try and find grapes in the vines, but mainly to just take photos because it was actually nice weather when we were leaving.


The Hunter Valley


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