Burning Palms & Camping

Come take a trip with Luke and I to Burning Palms, home of the infamous figure eight pools. 

Word of advice, wear good shoes for walking, because you'll be doing a lot of it!

Getting in the pools was a little bit tricky but very rewarding. It's just a shame the tide was so high that day.

That time we went to Hunter's and ended up at Kirrawee McDonalds. 

Luke's work friends had organised a little camping trip for the weekend. They had found a free camping site which ended up being full of scouts. So we had to walk our stuff a little further away so we could get a bit more crazy without some judgemental scout people breathing down our necks.

It was a really great weekend despite the weather turning on us. And Saya forgetting to give us the tent pegs with the tent, and the fact our mattress which we also got off her didn't have a plug. I mean other then those slight discrepancies it was a pretty great weekend. 

I have been trying to get more creative lately, drawing and painting. Not for any purpose just as a therapeutic practise. It really does work. I never feel more calm then when I am painting or drawing. Even if it ends up looking ridiculous.

Sometimes I put effort in to my makeup. Very, very rarely.

I still don't know how I feel about these.

Kurt's birthday bash at Oxford Arts with my main squeezes.


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