New Job & Joelle's 21st

Along with starting University I also started a new job at Hello Fresh. Gloria Jeans didn't have any shifts for me which is code for you cost too much money. So I was down to two jobs, Hello Fresh and Woolworths.

I went to Glebe Record Market with my dad and expanded my collection to include Nick Cave, a bit of Miley and Prodigy plus more.

Tried Ippudo ramen with my work friends for lunch one day. It was pretty nice but I prefer the noodles at Yasaka.

I put my face on and ended up dressing up a bit Madonna-esque by accident for Joelle's 21st. I would write where my outfit is from but to be honest most of it is from Japan.

This is Joelle's family home in Castle Hill and it is just beautiful. She lives in the little cottage at the bottom and she has two horses that live right outside her bedroom window. Jealous doesn't even begin to cover how I feel. I will forever dream about one day owning my own horse.

Everyone had to bring a plate and this is how it ended up. Please note that someone actually bought chicken nuggets from McDonalds. Shout out to the absolute legend who supplied the sushi platters, my one true weakness.

Sadly Ben and Kat couldn't join us, but four out of six ain't half bad.

Joelle is actually moving overseas pretty soon. I can't wait to read all about her travels on her blog at Femme Fitale

This is what family dinners look like with my cousins.


Fast Pho at Ultimo

My personnel trainer boyfriend helping me tone up for summer.

Went to Contrabando on a Groupon on deal. All you can eat tacos!! We smashed this deal and came out ahead with massive food comas, but it was totally worth it. The deal is up again I am pretty sure, 10/10 would recommend. 

After obsessing for forever I finally bought my very own Reid bicycle! I couldn't locate the lilac bike that I wanted anywhere and I found out that they actually discontinued the colour, which is a shame because it was perfection. But I found the next best thing, this baby pink beauty. Still looking for a name. Hit me up if you think of anything good here.

Baby's first bike ride, she fits perfectly and she really loves it.

At this point Uni is starting to get to me, it's even turning my hair grey! But seriously look how unhappy that uni student looks.

More to come. I am speeding through these post Japan blog posts because exciting things are coming..


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