With Love from Canberra .2

The 2nd day of the Canberra roadtrip with my boyfriend was spent at Questacon. The last time I went was when I was in year 6. Everything seemed a lot smaller this time. But in saying that I still had trouble understanding half the stuff there. Mainly anything to do with maths was just beyond my brain's capability. 

We ended up versing a couple on this for a good 20 minutes.

A trippy painting/ spinning thing. 

Battling in the playgrounds. 

Next to the above display there was a large screen that plated through probably a 10min video of various clips such as dogs shaking water off themselves, flowers blooming and balloons popping. You could change the speed and direction of this video, backwards or forwards as slow or as fast as you wanted. We spent a good 20min sitting here just in complete awe. Everything is better slowmo.

Tired and hungover.

It prints your shadow onto the screen behind you!

The only time I will ever appear taller then Luke.

After Questacon adventures we headed home. Above is my souvenir from the Toulouse Lautrec exhibition. 

Bye Canberra. Thankyou Luke for taking me all the way to Canberra just because a favourite artist of mine had an exhibition. You truly are too good for words. I love you.


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