Samantha Wills "Midnight's Sunrise" Launch

Today I attended the launch event for Samantha Will's new collection "Midnight's Sunrise". The event was held at the stunning Lion Gate Lodge in the Botanical Gardens on the conveniently nicest day we have had in Sydney for quite a while. 

I had the amazing opportunity to meet Samantha who is an absolute babe and hear all about her inspiration for the new collection. The collection drew inspiration from her own busy life in New York. Meeting up with the one you love late into the night because you have both had such busy days, eating your dinner and hours later having to wake up and do it all again. It's about the small moments in life, the little tired glances across the dinner table with your lover, the feeling when you fall asleep in his arms only to be woken up, what feels like only a few minutes later by a kiss and then to do it all over again. The collection is romantic, beautiful and as always bohemian like no other.

There were some killer bloggers there whose blogs I have followed for quite a long time such as Emma Lucey from Spin Dizzy Fall, Arianne Witt from Lola Jagger and Rochelle Fox from A Fox That Meows. It was all pretty spectacular. 

The new collection will be dropping in June/ July stay tuned at samanthawills.com and follow on instagram @samanthawills. Note: I am going to save up all my pennies to get the shark tooth necklace, it is in one of the above photos, see if you can find it..

Not only was the weather beyond incredible but the moon also stayed around to enjoy the event. 

Not only was the weather beyond amazing but getting off the train today coming home I was greeted with this lovely message. Why can't more graffiti be like this? Great way to start or end any day.


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